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Default Any good TV shows to watch?

I'm getting an exercise bike next month and I want something to do while I sit on it so I'm looking for good TV shows that are 2 or more seasons long.

Things I like:
-Anything involving fantasy/sci fi/fiction
-Anything that isn't too predictable and most importantly it must remain consistent, no huge holes in the storyline (Stargate series changes their "universe rules" so it becomes lame)
-Preferably made since the turn of the century for the purpose of content that I can still remember.
-Characters that have reasons for their actions/skills (In Falling Skies Ben has the alien harness that allows him to be faster and stronger so I understand why he is part of their military but in Walking Dead Carl just sort of joins in with the weapons despite being a 10 year old with just about 0 training - lame)

Things I don't like:
-Medical dramas
-Anything that revolves heavily around drugs/sex
-Generic comedies
-If at all possible, something where the main characters are not so morally and ethically "saintlike" that it becomes a show more about preaching morals and ethics or family values

Shows I like(d):
The Wire (hence no more crime dramas, I've found they don't usually compare)
Game of Thrones (I'm on book 5 but I can't read while exercising)

Shows I found average:
Stargate series (too many holes)
White Collar
Falling Skies

I know it's not much of a starting point but if you know any good shows that fit roughly into that profile I would really appreciate it
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