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Default Q about BMR estimation...

So a lot of online calculators say my BMR should be around 2000 calories. However, I have been losing weight faster than would be predicted by my calorie deficit. I've lost 0.4 lbs per day for the last 10 days eating 1600 calories. I have not been able to exercise because I have had to switch to working nights during this period... i've really just been working (desk job) and sleeping.

Which got me thinking:

If my BMR really was 2000 calories, then I would expect (2000-1600)/3500 = 0.11 pounds per day (assuming it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to burn a pound).

If I am losing 0.4 lbs per day, then I must be running a calorie deficit of 0.4*3500 = 1400 per day. This would mean by BMR is actually closer to 1400 + 1630 = 3030 calories.

Is this correct? I want to know approximately how many calories I can eat per day to maintain my weight once I reach my goal.
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