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Custom Foods

1% milk, 1c  
2 Bite St. Valentine' day sugar cookies, 1  
2 Bite red velvet cakes, 1 piece  
2% cottage cheese  
2% milk  
3 Musketeers, chocolate coconut center, 42g  
3 Musketeers, truffle crisp, 2 pieces  
3 musketeers bar  
4 cheese ravioli  
6" Veggie sub  
6" egg white and cheese on white  
6" rib, honey oat, no cheese, no sauce  
6" veggie no cheese, no condiments  
Aero 70% dark chocolate,42g  
Aero bubble bar, 42g  
Aero chocolate peppermint lamb  
Aero duo bubble bar, 7 sq  
Aero orange bubbles, 10 pieces  
Aero peppermint bar, 41g  
Aero peppermint tree, 25g  
Aero truffle bar, 7 sq  
Ahoy! Extras dark chocolate cookies, 2  
Ahoy! Extras, roasted almonds and chocolate, 2 cookies  
Alexia sweet potato fries, 12 pieces/85g  
Algoma Orchard, Gala apple, 150g  
Allen's litestyle apple juice  
Almond Joy mini bar  
Almond breeze almond milk sweetened  
Alpha Bits cereal  
Anco Fine Cheese, light gouda, 50% less fat, 30g  
Armstron marble cheese slices, 20g  
Armstrong Swiss cheese slices, 1/21g  
Armstrong cheese slices, havarti  
Armstrong, medium cheddar cheese, 20g  
Arnott's Tim Tam dark chocolate, 2 biscuits  
Arnott's Tim Tam double coat, 1 cookie  
Asian pear, raw, 100g  
Aunt Jemima buttermilk waffles, 2  
Aunt Jemima light syrup, 45mL  
Aunt Jemima syrup  
BK Fruitopia, medium  
BK Hershey's sundae pie, 1 slice/79g  
BK chicken tenders, 6 pieces  
BK chicken tenders, 8 pieces  
BK onion rings, med  
BK onion rings, small  
BK original chicken sandwich, no mayo  
BK original chicken sandwich, patty only  
BK sausage, egg, cheese croissanwich  
BP bbq chicken, no mushrooms, med pizza, 1 slice  
BP cactus cut potatoes  
BP teriyaki rice bowl  
BP yam fries  
Baby Ruth  
Babybel cheddar cheese round, 1  
Babybel mini, original cheese round, 20g  
Babybel original cheese  
Bagel Bites  
Bahlsen First Class, dark, 31g  
Barilla farfalle, 85g  
Barilla penne rigate, 85g  
Barilla rotini  
Barilla spaghetti, 85g  
Bavarian apple torte, 1/12  
Beanitos, better cheddar pinto bean chips, 50g  
Beanitos, black bean chips, chipotle bbq, 50g  
Becel light, 2 tsp  
Becel, salt free margarine, 10g  
Beef and Cheese taquitos  
Ben's Extra white bread, 2 slices  
Ben's Smart 16, white bread w/ whole grains, 2 slices  
Ben's Xtra 100% whole wheat bread, 2 slices  
Ben's Xtra Soft, white bread, thin slices. 67g  
Ben's burger buns, 1  
Ben's hot dog buns, 1 bun  
Ben's multigrain thin sandwich buns, 1 bun  
Bertolli, extra light tasting olive oil, 10mL  
Betty Crocker Dunkaroos, vanilla frosting w/ rainbow sprinkles, 26g  
Betty Crocker Reese dessert bars, complete, 42g/1/12th  
Betty Crocker au gratin potatoes, dry mix, 1/2 cup  
Betty Crocker homestyle mashed potato, 1/4 drypkg  
Betty Crocker mashed potatoes  
Betty Crocker whipped milk chocolate frosting, 2T  
Bisquick biscuit  
Bistro pizza  
Black Diamond cheese slices  
Black Diamond fat free cheese slices  
Black Diamond gouda cheese, 21g  
Blackberries, raw, 100g  
Blue Water Pan Sear wild Pacific salmon, garlic and herb, 1 filet  
Blue Water Seafoods, Alaska pollock grill fillets, lemon pepper, 101g  
Boston Pizza Caesar salad, entree, 300g  
Boston Pizza Caesar salad, starter size, 168g  
Boston Pizza New York cheesecake  
Boston Pizza Thai chicken bites  
Boston Pizza lemon salmon filet meal  
Boston Pizza pulled pork sliders, 1 burger (guess)  
Boston Pizza, New York striploin steak  
Boston Pizza, Tuscan, medium, 1 slice  
Boston Pizza, all meat wings, starter order, 298g  
Boston Pizza, apple crisp w/ ice cream, 407g  
Boston Pizza, chicken parmesan w/ garlic toast, 416g  
Boston Pizza, chocolate explosion cheesecake, 239g  
Boston Pizza, loaded baked potato flatbread pizzatizer, 354g  
Boston Pizza, pepperoni pizza, medium, 87g  
Boston Pizza, pulled pork pizza, medium, 213g  
Boston Pizza, pulled pork sliders, 3 sliders  
Boston Pizza, rice side  
Boston Pizza, rice, 170g  
Boston Pizza, spicy perogie pizza, medium, 1 slice/119 g  
Boston Pizza, tarte au sucre, 153g  
Boston Pizza, teriyaki wing sauce57g  
Boston Pizza, whiskey bbq pulled pork sandwich, 482g  
Boston Pizza, yam fries, 227g  
Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins, banana bread, 17g  
Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins, chocolate brownie, 17g  
Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins, lemon poppyseed, 17g  
Braeburn apple, medium  
Breakfast pizza with Molinaro crust  
Breakfast taquito  
Breyer's Creamery Style, dark chocolate velvet, 1/2c/125mL  
Breyer's Family Classic, rich & creamy chocolate frozen dessert, 125mL  
Breyer's Family Classic, rich & creamy vanilla frozen dessert, 125mL  
Breyer's fruit bars  
Breyer's mocha fudge brownie ice cream, 1/2c or 125mL  
Breyer's vanilla baked apple ice cream, 1/2c  
Breyers Family Classic, rich & creamy, mint chocolatey chip, 113g  
Brookside dark chocolate acai with blueberry, 40g  
Brookside dark chocolate goji with raspberry, 40g  
Bston Pizza, onion, green pepper, spinach pizza, indy, 6 slices  
Bulk Barn Belgian milk chocolate macaroons, 100g  
Bulk Barn California walnut halves, 100 g  
Bulk Barn Easter truffle bunnies, 30g/3 pieces  
Bulk Barn Hershey's Reese Sticks, 100g  
Bulk Barn M&Ms, peanut butter, 100g  
Bulk Barn almonds, dark chocolate coated, 100g  
Bulk Barn almonds, dry roasted & unsalted, 55g  
Bulk Barn almonds, milk chocolate coated, 100g  
Bulk Barn banana chips, 100g  
Bulk Barn candy corn, 100g  
Bulk Barn cashews, milk chocolate covered, 100g  
Bulk Barn cashews, raw, split, 1g  
Bulk Barn cashews, whole, roasted & unsalted, 100g  
Bulk Barn chocolate blueberries, 100g  
Bulk Barn chocolate covered animal crackers, 40g  
Bulk Barn chocolate covered peanuts, 100g  
Bulk Barn dark chocolate coconut cubes, 30g  
Bulk Barn dark chocolate-covered pretzels, 40g  
Bulk Barn dried apricots, 40g  
Bulk Barn ground walnuts, 100g  
Bulk Barn honey roasted cashews, 100g  
Bulk Barn marshmallow crispy treat, 1sq  
Bulk Barn organic 70% dark chocolate cacoa nibs, 10g  
Bulk Barn orzo, 1/2c  
Bulk Barn peanut butter hearts, 100g  
Bulk Barn peanuts, dry roasted & unseasoned, 30g  
Bulk Barn pure milk chocolate coated cashews, 100g  
Bulk Barn sesame seeds, toasted, 100g  
Bulk Barn spicy cassava chips, 100g  
Bulk Barn sun dried tomatoes, julienne, 100g  
Bulk Barn sunflower seeds, hulled roasted unsalted, 100g  
Bulk Barn walnuts, 30g  
Bulk Barn yogurt covered blueberries, 100g  
Bulk Barn, blueberry yogurt covered pretzels, 40g  
Bulk Barn, chocolate chips semi sweet, 100g  
Bulk Barn, dried blueberries, 40g/1/3c  
Bulk Barn, granola, honey and almond, 100g  
Bulk barn, California walnut pieces, 100g  
Bull's Eye bbq sauce, honey garlic, 30mL  
Butterball turkey bacon, reduced salt, 2 slices  
Butterball turkey pepperoni, 10 pieces  
Cadbury dairy milk cake, 1/6th or 63g  
Cadbury milk tray selection chocolates, 4 pieces  
Cadbury premium dark chocolate bar, 9 sq/43g  
Cadbury premium dark chocolate, 9 sq/43g  
Caesar salad home  
Canada Dry tonic water, 12oz  
Captain Highliner tilapia tuscan herb, 1 fillet  
Carnation breakfast shake, chocolate, 40g  
Catelli Bistro sun-dried tomato and basil spaghettini, 85g  
Catelli Bistro, tri color vegetable fusilli pasta, 85g  
Catelli Bistro, tri color vegetable rainbows, 85g  
Catelli Bistro, tricolor vegetable penne rigate, 85g  
Catelli Bistro, tricolor vegetable rotini, 85g  
Catelli Smart fusilli, 1 cup  
Catelli Smart penne pasta  
Catelli alphabet pasta, 1/2c 85g  
Catelli fusilli, 85g  
Catelli rotini, 85g  
Catelli smart rotini, 85g  
Catelli spaghetti, 85g  
Catelli tortiglioni, 85g  
Cavendish Farms Flavor Crisp sweet potato strips, 85g  
Cavendish From the Farm, homestyle, thick cut, red potatoes, 85g  
Cavendish crispy sweet potato fries, 85g  
Cedar Bay Simple Salmon, sweet chili sauce, 100g  
Central Dairies 1% chocolate milke, 1c  
Central Dairies, 1% milk, partly skimmed, 250mL  
Central Dairies, 2% milk, partly skimmed, 250mL  
Chalet sauce  
Chapman's Ice Cream Sundae, cup cake, 113g  
Chapman's Li'l Sammich, ice cream, 1 bar/60mL  
Chapman's Premium ice cream, chocolate brownie fudge, 85g  
Chapman's drumstick, chocolate, 1 cone  
Chapman's ice cream, mint chip, 125mL  
Chapman's premium ice cream bars, almonds & milk chocolate, 55mL  
Charlotte's Itsy Bites, peanut butter fudge no bake cookies, 2 pieces/32g  
Cheemo Bite Size perogies, potato & cheese, 120g  
Cheemo Heritage perogies, harvest potatoes w/ farm style cream cheese & savoury dill, 102g  
Cheetos puffs, snack bag, 28g  
Childs Foods Yorkshire pudding  
Chips Ahoy! chewy ice cream creations, mocha chunk, 2 cookies  
Chips Ahoy! chewy, 2 cookies  
Chips Ahoy! chewy, ice cream creations, mint chocolate chip, 2 cookies  
Chips Ahoy! double chocolate chewy cookies, 2  
Chocolate-oatmeal bar  
Christie Ahoy! Extras milk chocolate PB, 2 cookies  
Christie Golden Oreo, 2 cookies  
Christie Oreo, triple double chocolate mint cookies, 1  
Christie Pirate cookies, 2  
Christie's Snak Pak soft baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 1 bag  
Cinnabon cinnamon bread  
Clover Leaf flaked light tuna, low sodium in water, 1/2 can  
Clover Leaf salmon, boneless skinless, 1/2 can  
Coco Cupcakes apple spice  
Coco Cupcakes pumpkin bread cupcake  
Coco Cupcakes, generic, small  
Coco chocolate cupcake w/vanilla buttercream  
Coco cupcake, carrot w/ cream cheese frosting, half  
Compliment's 100% durum semolina rotini, 85g  
Compliment's Balance multigrain thin buns, 1  
Compliment's Balance salt free, crisp and sweet whole kernel corn, 1/2c  
Compliment's Balance salt free, cut green beans, 1/2c  
Compliment's Balance whole wheat waffles, 2  
Compliment's Caesar dressing, 1T  
Compliment's au gratin potatoes, dry mix, 1/4 pkg  
Compliment's balance green beans, salt free  
Compliment's butter and herb mashed potato, dry  
Compliment's buttermilk pancakes, 2  
Compliment's canola oil, 2 tsp  
Compliment's cheddar & bacon potatoes  
Compliment's cheese Danish ring, 1/10/50g  
Compliment's cinnamon toast waffles, 2  
Compliment's extra creamy cheddar mach & cheese, dry mix, 50g  
Compliment's large eggs, 1  
Compliment's medium cheddar shredded, 1/4c  
Compliment's mini white pita, 6 pitas  
Compliment's multigrain crackers, 13  
Compliment's penne rigate, 85g  
Compliment's pulled pork thin crust pizza, 1/4  
Compliment's sodium reduced taco seasoning, 1/5th of pkg  
Compliment's thin wheat crackers, 10  
Compliment's unsalted crackers, 7 crackers  
Compliment's white pita bread, 1 pita 50g  
Compliments 2 bite chewy squares, chocolate chip, 2 pieces/26g  
Compliments 2 bite cinnamon rolls, 2 rolls/57g  
Compliments 2% cottage cheese, 125g  
Compliments Balance Caesar dressing, 15mL  
Compliments Balance Caesar dressing, 1T  
Compliments Balance corn, low salt, whole kernel, 1/2c  
Compliments Balance lean Italian beef meatballs, 4 balls/60g  
Compliments Balance lean angus beef meatballs, 4 balls/60g  
Compliments Balance lean sirloin beef burger, 113g  
Compliments Balance peanut butter, smooth, 1T/15g  
Compliments Balance sliced part skim mozzarella  
Compliments Balance sweet onion dressing, 15 mL  
Compliments Balance whole Mandarin orange segments, in juice, 150mL  
Compliments Balance wild Pacific pink salmon filets, boneless, skinless, 110g  
Compliments Balance wild Pacific salmon burgers, 113g/1 burger  
Compliments Balance, French fries, crinkle cut, 85g  
Compliments Concord grape jelly, 1T  
Compliments Texas garlic toast, 40g  
Compliments apple crumble pie, 1/6th or 108g  
Compliments apple pie, 1/10th piece  
Compliments baby spinach, 100g  
Compliments bacon bits, 1T  
Compliments blueberry flavored waffles, 2  
Compliments butter, churned, unsalted, 10g/2tsp  
Compliments cheddar/mozza shredded cheese  
Compliments cinnamon toast waffles, 2/70g  
Compliments crushed pineapple in juice, 150mL  
Compliments fajita kit  
Compliments fig bars, 2 bars/30g  
Compliments fully cooked bacon, 50% less salt, 3 strips  
Compliments oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 2  
Compliments peanut butter with honey, 15g  
Compliments perogies, potato and cheddar cheese, 4  
Compliments potato chips, ripple, lightly salted, 50g  
Compliments rich chocolate ice cream, 125mL  
Compliments roasted garlic pizza sauce  
Compliments sweet potato fries, crinkle cut, 85g  
Compliments sweet potato fries, plank cut, 85g  
Compliments tart shells, 1 shell/20g  
Compliments toast 'em strudels, apple flavor, w/ icing, 54g  
Compliments vanilla flavored pudding, 1 cup/99g  
Compliments, perogies, bacon & cheese, 120g  
Cool Whip light, 3T  
Cora's Raspberry 4 Lucie  
Costco cinnamon raisin bagel, 125g  
Costco imitation blueberry bagel, 125g  
Cracker Barrel Swiss cheese slices, 1 slice  
Cracker Barrel medium cheddar slices, 1 slice  
Cracker Barrel medium cheese slices  
Crave Bakery red velvet cupcake  
Crispers ranch, 15 crackers  
Crystal Light water  
D'Italiano Brizzolio, dinner rolls, 1 roll/34g  
DQ Blizzard, cookie dough, mini, 202g  
DQ Blizzard, mint Oreo, 205g  
DQ Hawaiian blizzard, mini, 1  
DQ Oreo brownie earthquake  
DQ Reese blizzard, mini, 195g  
DQ Reese's blizzard, small, 305g  
DQ Turtle pecan cluster Blizzard, mini  
DQ choco mint brownie blizzard, mini  
DQ chocolate candy shop blizzard, mini  
DQ chocolate sundae, small, 163g  
DQ peanut buster parfait, 304g  
DQ small chocolate shake  
DQ small dipped cone  
DQ small vanilla cone, 142g  
Danone OIkos yogurt, coconut, 100g  
Danone Oikos Greek yogurt, coconut, 175g  
Danone Oikos Greek yogurt, honey on the bottome, 100g  
Danone Oikos Greek yogurt, vanilla, 100g  
Danone Silhouette yogurt, dessert flavors, 100g  
Dare Breton crackers, reduced fat & salt, 18g  
Dare Cookie Chips, chocolate chip, 30g/5 cookies  
Dare Simple Pleasures almond cookies, 4  
Dare Simple Pleasures chocolate thins, 4 cookies  
Dare Simple Pleasures lemon poppyseed cookies, 5 cookies  
Dare Simple Pleasures oatmeal dark chocolate cookies, 2  
Dare shortbread  
Del Monte Real Fruit Creamy, frozen dairy dessert bar, creamy coconut, 50mL  
Dempster's BodyWise bread, 2 slices  
Dempster's bagel, apple pie, 75g  
Dempster's garlic bread slice  
Dempster's whole grain tortilla, 6 inch  
Derlea sun dried tomatoes, 15g  
Divine mint dark chocolate, 10 sq  
Dolce parfait, chocolate hazelnut and caramel, 40g  
Dolce parfait, dark chocolate hazelnut, 40g  
Dolce parfait, double chocolate hazelnut, 40g  
Dole Live Right dark chocolate coconut bites, 1 pkg  
Dole Live Right double dark chocolate bites, 34g  
Dole Live Right peanut butter banana bites, 1pkg  
Dole crushed pineapple in juice, 125mL  
Dole pineapple chunks in pineapple juice, 125mL/56g  
Dominion bakery shortbread cookies  
Dominion low sodium white bread, 1 slice  
Dominion red velvet cake, 7 in, 1 slice  
Dominion, 4" chocolate cake (guess), 200g  
Domino's Hawaiian pizza, medium, thin crust, 2 pieces  
Domino's Specialty Chicken, sweet bbq bacon, 85g  
Domino's beef, gp, onion, bbq sauce, hand-tossed crust, medium, 1 slice  
Domino's boneless chicken wings  
Domino's cheesy bread, 30.5g  
Domino's cinna stix, 1 piece  
Domino's gp, onion, cheddar, thin crust, 4 pieces  
Domino's gp, onion, thin crust, large, 2 slices  
Domino's large beef pizza, 1 slice  
Domino's lava crunch cake, 1 cake  
Domino's thin crust beef and green pepper  
Domino's thin crust beef pizza  
Domino's thin crust green pepper, onion, provolone cheese  
Domino's thin crust with Brooklyn roni, beef and green peppers  
Domino's thin crust, gp, onion and cheddar  
Domino's thin crust, lg roni, gp and onions, 4 slices  
Domino's thin crust, lg, green pepper  
Domino's twisty bread, 1 piece  
Domino's, Brooklyn style pepperoni, large 1 slice  
Domino's, gp & onion, med, hand tossed pizza, 1/8th  
Dominos specialty chicken, spicy jalapeno & pineapple, 90g  
Dominos, gp, onion, p/a, thin crust, medium pizza, 81.4g  
Dominos, ham & pineapple, medium, hand tossed, 1 slice  
Doritos bold bbq chips, 21 chips  
Doritos, bold BBQ, snack bag,28g  
Doritos, nacho cheese snack bag, 28g  
Doritos, sweet chili heat, snack bag, 28g  
Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama Hawaiian pizza, 1/4/100g  
Dr. Oetker cake-like brownies w/cream cheese frosting, 1/12 of pan or 1 piece  
Duncan Hines, milk chocolate chunk brownie mix, prepared, 28g  
Dunkin' Donuts, eclair  
ESM (lunch) cheese cappalletti, 283g  
ESM 16 layer lasagna  
ESM Caesar salad, large red bowl, 349g  
ESM Mario's potatoes, 287g  
ESM NY cheesecake, 207g  
ESM brownie bites, small  
ESM cheese capalletti, 566g  
ESM chicken Caesar piadini  
ESM chicken strips, 271g/ 5 pieces  
ESM fried ravioli w/ creamy mozzarella, 268g  
ESM funnel cake, 494g  
ESM garlic home loaf, 103g  
ESM lasagna  
ESM mac n cheese bites, 1 order/249g  
ESM peanut butter stacker, 231g  
ESM pesto & peppers spaghettini w/ goat cheese, 407g  
Econo chocolate coated graham cookies, 37g/4 pieces  
Econo fiddle sticks, 6 pieces  
Egg Beaters  
Egg Creations cinnamon French toast, 50g  
El Monterey SW chicken taquitos, 2  
El Monterey beef and cheese taquito, 85g  
El Monterey breakfast taquitos, egg bacon and cheese, 2  
El Monterey egg, sausage, cheese, potato breakfast burrito, 1  
Et Tu Caesar kit  
Et Tu Ceasar salad kit, regular, 1/6 pkg  
Europe's Best fire roasted sweet potatoes, 1c/110g  
Eversweet margarine  
Excel gum, 2 pieces  
Extra gum  
Extreme Pita veggie pita, small  
Extreme Pita, pepperoni extreme flatbaked pita, 222g  
Extreme Pita, veggie pita no cheese, no condiments, regular, 275g  
Fancy Pokket mini white pita bread, 6 pieces  
Farmer's Market 2 bite brownies, 2  
Farmer's Market 2 bite chocolate chip banana bread muffins, 3 pieces  
Farmer's Market mini cinnamon rolls, 2  
Farmer's Market tea biscuits, blueberry, 63g  
Farmer's Market, banana chocolate chunk muffins, 110g  
Farmer's Market, coffee cake, banana choc chip w/ cream cheese, 1/16th of whole  
Farmer's Market, pumpkin pie, 120g  
Farmers Bay of Fundy mudslide ice cream, 85g  
Farmers East Coast Creamery, Kitchen Party Medley ice cream, 125mL  
Farmers Market pumpkin pie, 1/10th  
Farmers chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, 85g  
Farmers ice cream sandwich ice cream, 125ml/85g  
Ferrero Rocher collection, 32 g  
Fibre 1 Delights, chocolate chip cookie,25g  
Fibre 1 brownie, PB chip, 1 bar/25g  
Fibre 1 chewy bar, chocolate flavour, 26g  
Fibre 1 chocolately fudge bar, 25g  
Fibre 1 peanut butter chocolate chew bar, 26g  
Fibre 1, chocolate caramel& pretzel chewy bar, 26g  
Flatout flatbread, artisan pizza. rustic white, 48g  
Flatout flatbread, multigrain w/ flax, 1 bread  
Flatout flatbread, origial, 57g  
Flatout flatbread, thin crust, zesty Italian, 48g  
Flatout foldit rosemary and olive oil  
Flatout foldits traditional white  
Flatouts thin crust flatbread, heritage wheat, 1  
Fletcher's Deli Naturally! sweet and smokey ham, 55g  
Foldits 5 grain and flax flatbread  
Foldits flatout bread, rosemary and olive oil  
French's french fried onions, 2T  
Fresh Gourmet crispy onions, garlic pepper, 7g  
Fresh Gourmet tortilla strips, lightly salted, 7g  
Fresh Gourmet, crispy onions, 7g  
Fresh Gourmet, crispy onions, lightly salted, 7g  
Fresh Gourmet, tortilla strips, Santa Fe style, 7g  
Fresh Gourmet, tortilla strips, tri coloured, 7g  
Fruitopia orange, 100ml  
Fuji apple, large, 270g  
Ganong Delecto seasonal chocolate truffles, 3 pieces  
Garlic mashed potatoes  
Gay Lea Spreadables, cinnamon & brown sugar butter w/ canola oil, 10g  
Gay Lea Spreadables, light butter w/ canola oil, 10g  
Generic Italian style meatballs, 7 balls/100g  
Generic gin, 1.5 oz  
Girl Guides of Canada chocolate cookies, 2  
Girl Guides of Canada vanilla cookies, 2  
Girl Guides of Canada, chocolate mint cookies, 23g  
Godiva red velvet cake truffles, 2 pieces  
Golden Dragon steam fried noodles, 25g  
Great Value extra virgin olive oil, 10mL  
Greco, 12" cheese pizza, 88g/1 slice  
Greco, large pepperoni, 1 slice/112g  
Green Giant green beans  
Grilled cheese sandwich  
Grissol Sweet Thins, banana bread, 17g  
Grissol Sweet Thins, banana bread, 1pkg/17g  
Grissol Sweet Thins, chocolate brownie, 1 pkg/17g  
Haagen-Dazs vanilla milk chocolate almonds bar, 1 bar  
Halls throat drop  
Happy Joe's nacho pizza, pan crust, 6", 1 slice  
Harvest Creek chicken breasts, 100g  
Harvey's apple pie, 85g  
Harvey's hot dog, only, 48g  
Harvey's, hotdog and bun, plain, 1  
Harvey's, onion rings, 72g  
Hawkins cheezies, snack pack, 28g  
Heidi chocolate, dark intense, 75%, 40g  
Heidi chocolate, dark pistachio, 40g  
Heidi chocolate, dark, almond and pear, 40g/5 sq  
Heinz tomato paste, no salt added, 2T  
Hershey's Chipits milk chocolate chips, 7g  
Hershey's Pot of Gold. chocolate collection, 40g/4 pieces  
Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar, 41g  
Hershey's drops, snack size, 11g  
Hershey's milk chocolate bar, 43g  
Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chips, 14g  
Hi I'm Skinny Sticks, sweet potato, 28g  
High Liner Pan Sear Selects cod savory herb, 1 fillet  
High Liner Pan Sear Selects salmon Mediterranean, 1 fillet  
High Liner Pan Sear Selects, haddock traditional w/ delicate breading, 151g  
High Liner Pan Sear selects haddock garlic and herb, 1 fillet  
High Liner Selects salmon in teriyaki sauce, 1 filet  
High Liner fish sticks, 100g  
High Liner wild Pacific salmon filets, 110g  
Highliner haddock citrus and black peppercorn  
Highliner wild pink salmon filet smoky applewood  
Home made chocolate revel bars, 1 bar/48 pieces  
Homemade cheese stuffed shells w meat sauce, 4 shells  
Homemade hamburger pizza  
Homemade pasta sauce, 1/2c  
Homemade pepperoni pizza  
Homemade pizza sauce, 1/4c  
Honeycomb cereal, 1 1/4 c  
Hop & Go apple bars  
Hostess Chocolate Cupcake, 2 cakes/80g  
Hostess Twinkie, 1 cake  
Huingry Man backtard bbq  
Humpty Dumpty potato sticks, bacon hickory, 50g   
Hunt's 4 cheese pasta sauce  
Hunt's tomato paste, 2 T  
Hunt's tomato sauce, no salt added, 1/4 c  
Huy Fong Foods, Inc. sriracha hot chili sauce, 5g  
Idahoan original mashed potatoes, 22g  
Ilchester applewood smoked cheddar cheese, 30g  
Iogo 0%mf yogurt, 100g  
Iogo 2% mf, Greek yogurt, coconut w/ touch of honey, 100g  
Iogo Greek yogurt, 2% milk fat, plain, 175g  
ItalPasta jumbo shells, 4  
ItalPasta orzo, 85g  
Jack Link teriyaki beef nuggets  
Jack Link's buffalo chicken nuggets  
Jacquot 72% dark chocolate, 4 sq  
Jacquot 74% dark chocolate, 4sq/40g  
Jane's Meal Makers oven roasted, carved chicken breasts, 100g  
Jane's Mealmakers fully cooked chicken breast, 90g/1 breast  
Jello Oreo pudding, 1 cup  
Jillian Michaels triple chocolate whey powder  
Jones Zilch, zero calorie drink, vanilla bean, 355mL  
Juicy Fruit gum  
KD spirals, 50g, 2/3 c  
KFC bbq bacon roller  
KFC crispy chicken strips, 168g  
KFC popcorn chicken (13 pieces)  
KFC roller, nacho cheese  
KFC root beer, 20 oz  
KFC toasted wrap, 119g  
KFC waffle fries, 94g  
Kamora coffee liqueur, 1 oz  
Kellogg's Nutri Grain apple cinnamon bar, 1  
Kellogg's Nutri Grain blueberry bar, 1  
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, chocolate peanut butter, 1 pastry/50g  
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, peanut butter, 1 pastry/50g  
Kellogg's Special K crisps, chocolate, 25g pkt  
Kellogg's Special K crisps, chocolatey caramel, 25g  
Kellogg's Special K crisps, cinnamon brown sugar, 25g pkt  
Kellogg's Special K crisps, cookies and cream, 25g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, backyard bbq, 40g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, low sodium, 40g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, sriracha, 40g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, sweet and salty, 40g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, sweet onion, 40g  
Kettle Brand potato chips, yogurt & green onion, 40g  
Kingsey light swiss, 1 slice  
Kirkland 9 grain ciabatta bun  
Kirkland Italian style meatballs, 6  
Kirkland cheese pizza, 1/4th or 120g  
Kirkland chocolate chunk cookie, 1  
Kirkland chocolate chunk cookies, 43g  
Kirkland honey, 20g  
Kirkland shelled walnuts, 30g  
Kirkland, tuxedo chocolate mousse cake. 56g  
Kit Kat Chunky, peanut butter, 48g  
KitKat dark chocolate, 1 bar  
Klondike bar, mint chocolate chip  
Knorr OXO beef broth, 1 pkg  
Knorr Sidekicks, cheddar and bacon potatoes, dry mix, 29g  
Knorr chicken broth  
Knorr teriyaki marinade, 1T  
Kraft 100% parmesan cheese, 2T/12g  
Kraft 3 cheese pizza cheese, 1/3 c  
Kraft Calorie Wise sdt and oregano  
Kraft Calorie Wise zesty Italian dressing  
Kraft Creamy Caesar dressing, 1T  
Kraft Italiano cheese, light  
Kraft Italiano cheese, regular  
Kraft brown sugar bbq sauce  
Kraft double cheddar, light  
Kraft fat free cheese slices  
Kraft mango chipotle dressing, 15mL  
Kraft peanut butter, banana granola peanut, 1T  
Kraft peanut butter, chocolate, 50% less sugar, 18g  
Kraft pizza kit, 1/6th  
Kraft raspberry vinaigrette, 1T  
Kraft spirals, dry mix, 44g  
Kraft, mandarin orange sesame dressing, 15mL  
Krave double chocolate, 3/4c/28g  
Lantic natural granulated sugar, 1 tsp  
Larocca chocolate cheesecake  
Larsen ham slice  
Laura Secord, French and frosted mints, 3 pieces/42g  
Laura Secord, chocolate truffle cake, 70g  
Laura Secord, parfait chocolates praline collection, 3 pieces  
Lava crunch cake  
Lavash whole wheat flatbread  
Lay's Kettle cooked tzatziki potato chips, 50g  
Lay's Wavy, milk chocolate covered potato chips, 50g  
Lay's cinnamon bun potato chips, 50g  
Lay's creamy garlic Caesar potato chips, 50g  
Lay's lightly salted chips, 36 chips/50g  
Lay's maple moose potato chips, 50g  
Lay's perogie platter chips, 50g  
LeClerc Celebration chocolate-covered graham cookies, 3  
LeClerc Celebration mini oatmeal cookies w/ milk chocolate, 26g  
Lean Cuisine cheese ravioli  
Leclerc Celebration oatmeal cookies w/ real milk chocolate, 23g  
Leclerc Choco Max brownies, 32g  
Lettuce salad with Italian dressing  
Lilydale extra lean, boneless, turkey breast roast, 100g  
Lindor chocolate  
Lindt 70% dark chocolate, 3 individual sq  
Lindt 70% dark chocolate, 3 sq  
Lindt 85% dark chocolate bar, 4 sq  
Lindt Amour, asst premium chocolates, 12g  
Lindt Excellence 70% dark chocolate bar, 35g  
Lindt Excellence extra creamy milk chocolate, 17g/3 ind pkg  
Lindt Excellence, Ecuador 75% dark chocolate, 30g  
Lindt Excellence, dark chocolate chili, 30g  
Lindt Lindor dark chocolate balls, 3  
Lindt Lindor milk chocolate bar, 38g  
Lindt Swiss dark chocolate, 30g/9 sq  
Lindt intense blackcurrant, dark chocolate, 3 sq/30g  
Lindt lindor milk chocolate, 3 balls  
Lindt white chocolate w/ strawberry pieces, 3 sq  
Little Debbie bat brownie, 1  
M&M Meat Shops Nanaimo bar, 1 pieces/53g  
M&M Meat Shops Naturals chicken nuggets, uncooked breaded chicken cutlettes, 129g  
M&M Meat Shops caramel apple pie, 1/8th or 113g  
M&M Meat Shops pizza tarts, 2 tarts  
M&M Meat Shops, caramel apple pie, 1/6th or 113g  
M&M Meat Shops, honey garlic sauce, 30mL  
M&M Too Tall red velvet cake, 1/8th or 125g  
M&M angus beef sliders, 2  
M&M applewood smoke and maple salmon fillet, 142g  
M&M battered onion rings, 9 rings  
M&M chicken strips, 2  
M&M chocolate hazelnut cream puffs, 4  
M&M twisty curls  
M&M yam fries, 10 pieces  
M&Ms dark chocolate peanut, 230g bag, 42g  
MD chipotle chicken snack wrap  
Magnum Mini, ice cream bar, 60% dark cocoa, 55mL  
Mandarin orange sesame salad  
Maple Leaf Prime, stuffed chicken breast, bacon wrapped, deluxe 3 cheese, 164g  
Maple Leaf Prime, stuffed chicken breast, feta & spinach, 142g  
Maple Leaf pre cooked bacon, 5 slices  
Maple Leaf precooked sausages  
Maple Leaf sausage rounds, fully cooked, 2 rounds  
Margherita pizza, 1/3 of whole  
Mars bar, fun size, 13g  
Mary Brown's Caesar snack wrap, 133g  
May West 100 cal bar  
May West bar  
McCain Deep'n Delicious double chocolate cream pie, 67g  
McCain Deep'n Delicious, cookies & cream pie, 67g/ 1/6th  
McCain International 5 cheese and sausage pizza, 1/6th of whole  
McCain Superfries, extra crispy wedges, 85g  
McCain Superfries, homestyle red skin wedges, 85g  
McCain Thin Crust pepperoni, 1/6th  
McCain Ultra Thin red peppers, chicken, basil, 1/4th  
McCain breakfast potatoes, 85g  
McCain breakfast potatoes, homefries, 85g  
McCain lattice cut potatoes, spicy, extra crispy w/ sea salt, 85g  
McCain smiles, 6 pieces  
McCain super fries, low salt, 85g  
McCain traditional crust cheese pizza  
McCain traditional crust cheese pizza, 1/4th  
McCain ultra thin spinach & provolone pizza, 1/4  
McCain ultra thin spinach and provalone pizza  
McCain wedges, savoury, extra crispy w/ sea salt, 85g  
McCain yam fries  
McDonald's McFlurry, snack size, Oreo, 181g  
McDonald's apple pie, 85g  
McDonald's shamrock shake, small, 12 oz  
McDonalds butter tarts, 70g  
McDonalds, Coffee Crisp McFlurry, snack size, 191g  
McRib, patty only, 1  
McVitie's Jaffa cakes, 1 cake  
Mexican straw hats  
Michelina's Pizza snax, cheese, 71g  
Michelina's pizza snax, pepperoni, 71g  
Milestones butternut squash ravioli, 459g  
Molinaro's pizza crust and sauce  
Montana's Cookhouse Monterey jack cheese, 14g slice  
Montana's Cookhouse, Caesar salad, side, 135g  
Montana's Cookhouse, French fries, 227g  
Montana's Cookhouse, KAPOW! shrimp, 383g  
Montana's Cookhouse, apple cobbler,340g  
Montana's Cookhouse, beer battered fish, 1 piece, 114g  
Montana's Cookhouse, chocolate cake w/ toppings, 404g  
Montana's Cookhouse, kicked-up corn, 113g  
Montana's Cookhouse, mashed potato, 100g  
Montana's Cookhouse, oven-baked antojitos, 310g  
Montana's Cookhouse, pulled pork sandwich, 440g  
Montana's Cookhouse, sirloin burger, 260g  
Montana's Cookhouse, sirloin steak, 8 oz  
Moritz icy squares, 11g  
Mr Sub peppery chicken Caesar, 312g/1 flatbread  
Mr. Christie Chips Ahoy! Pride & Joy mini cookies, 31g  
Mr. Christie Oreo, chocolate cream, 2 cookies  
Mr. Christie Snak Pak, mini Chips Ahoy!, 30g  
Mr. Christie Wheat Thins, 11 crackers/20g  
Mr. Christie golden Oreo double stuf, 2 cookies  
Mr. Christie potato thins, dill, 19g  
Mr. Christie potato thins, original, 18g  
Mr. Christie potato thins, sea salt and vinegar, 19g  
Mr. Goodbar, 1 bar/49g  
Mrs. Dash salt free taco mix, 6g  
Mrs. Freshley's Buddy Bars, 28g  
Mt. Dew  
NL Chocolate Company, dark chili bar, 42g  
NL Chocolate Company, low sugar dark chocolate bar, 42g  
NL Chocolate Company, milk chocolate w/ blueberry bar, 42g  
NL Pita Newfoundland pita bread, white, 50g  
NY Style mini bagels, 1  
Napoli pepperoni pizza, 1 pizza/85g  
Natural Selections baked honey ham, 4 slices/64g  
Natural Selections, hardwood smoked salami 3 slices  
Neal Brothers, organic cheese puffs, 50g  
Nestle After Eight collection, 3 pieces  
Nestle Carnation hot chocolate w/ mini marshmallows, 28g  
Nestle Coffee Crisp, 10 pack, 12g  
Nestle Coffee Crisp, 50g  
Nestle Kit Kat bites, 30g  
Nestle Kit Kat, orange, 21g  
Nestle Kit Kat, snack size, 12g  
Nestle Kit Kat, white and milk, 2 bars/21g  
Nestle Kit kat Santa, 26g  
Nestle Kit kat mint, 4 sticks/42g  
Nestle Noir, 70% cocoa, 8 pieces/33g  
Nestle Rolo hot chocolate, 3T  
Nestle Turtles, 17g  
Nestle drumstick, simply dipped vanilla, bigger nugget, 1/136mL  
Nestle drumstick, vanilla caramel, 140mL  
Niblets corn  
No Name freeze pop, 20mL  
No Name pineapple tidbits in pineapple juice, 125mL  
No Name whole almonds, 30g 1/4 c  
Nutella, 1T  
Nutffles red velvet truffles, 4 pieces/34g  
Nutter Butter bar  
OEP Smart Fiesta fajita mix, reduced sodium, 9g  
OEP fajita seasoning, 2T  
OEP smart fiesta low sodium taco seasoning, dry, 1/6th  
OEP smart fiesta tortilla  
OEP taco shells, corn, 2  
Oakrun Farm Bakery, crumpet, plain, 47g  
Oberto, Hawaiian style pork jerky, 28g  
Oh Henry peanut butter bar  
Oh Henry! egg, 40g  
Old Dutch Arriba nacho cheese tortilla chips, 50g  
Old Dutch Arriba, zesty taco tortilla chips, 50g  
Old Dutch Restaurante blue corn tortilla chips, 50g  
Old Dutch Restaurante lightly salted bite size rounds, 50g  
Old Dutch Restaurante salsa bowls, 50g  
Old Dutch Restaurante, multigrain yellow corn with sea salt, bite size rounds, 50g  
Old Dutch RipL lightly salted, 50% less sodium, 50g  
Old Dutch, popcorn twists, 55g bag, 55g  
Old Dutch, popcorn twists, snack bag, 20g  
Old El Paso Smart Fiesta hard taco kit, 2 taco shells  
Old El Paso fajita kit  
Old El Paso taco sauce, mild, 15mL  
Old El Paso taco shells, corn 3  
Old El Paso tortillas  
Olymel fully cooked bacon, 50% less salt, 3 pieces  
Oreo Halloween cookies, 2  
Oreo cookies, 2  
Oreo gingerbread cookies, 2  
Oreo original, 2 cookies  
Oreo, mint holiday treat, 3 cookies  
Oreo, mint, 2 cookies/23g  
Orville Redenbacher hot air popcorn, 7.5 c  
Orzo pasta, 56g, 1/4c  
P.F. Chang's lemon chicken Cantonese style, whole dish  
PC Blue Menu PC Thins, multigrain bagels. 55g  
PC Blue Menu Swiss cheese, 1 slice  
PC Blue Menu lean Italian beef meatballs, 85g/6 balls  
PC Blue Menu lemon poppy seed dressing, 1T  
PC Blue Menu light provolone cheese, 1 sl/19g  
PC Blue Menu meatballs, angus beef, 6 balls/85g  
PC Blue Menu mini angus burgers, 2  
PC Blue Menu oven roasted turkey breast, tomato and basil, 3 slices/66 g  
PC Blue Menu stone roasted extra lean ham, 53 grams  
PC Blue Menu stone roasted ham, rosemary and black pepper, 3 slices/53g  
PC Blue Menu thin buns, 1 bun  
PC Blue Menu, oven roasted turkey breast, 66g/3 slices  
PC Club Pack, medium cheddar cheese slices, 21g  
PC Club Pack, mini & dipped chewy chocolate chip granola bars, 15.5g  
PC Cream First peanut butter ice cream, 85g  
PC Hawaiian sweet buns, 1 bun  
PC Ice Cream Shop Flavours, red velvet cake, 85g  
PC Reverse Decadent Minis, 2  
PC The Decadent peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie, 2  
PC Tuscan roasted ham, 3 slices/57g  
PC apple butter bbq sauce, 2 T  
PC black forest hamd w/ brown sugar, 3 slices  
PC blue menu corn. 1/2c  
PC blue menu no salt added green beans, 1/2c  
PC brownies with dark chocolate chips  
PC cheese slices, gouda, 20g  
PC chicken sliders, 2  
PC chocolate hazelnut spread, 1T  
PC ciabatta burger buns, 56g  
PC ciabatta sausage buns, 1 roll  
PC decadent molten chocolate chip cookie  
PC diced sweet potato, 114g  
PC extra dark chocolate 72%, 38g (7sq)  
PC fair trade dark chocolate, 4 sq  
PC honey maple turkey breast, 44g/2 slices  
PC lemon pepper turkey, 100g  
PC lime + habanero flavor kettle style tortilla chips, 50g  
PC maple bacon bbq sauce 2T/30mL  
PC medium cheddar cheese slices  
PC naan bread rounds, traditional, 2 rounds/60g  
PC original pizza sauce, 4T/60mL  
PC pb chocolate chunk cookie ice cream sandwich  
PC peanut butter drumstick  
PC provolone, 1 slice  
PC shortbread fingers, 21g  
PC shredded cheddar w/ herb and garlic, 1/4 c  
PC slider thins buns, 2  
PC slow and low pulled pork, 100g  
PC taco sauce, 1T  
PC unsalted butter, 2tsp  
PCbacon, fully cooked, 50% less sodium, 3 strips  
PD garden salad, regular  
Paco corn tortilla, 1  
Paco tortilla wrap, whole wheat, 34g  
Paco tortilla wraps, 10", 1  
Paco tortilla wraps, 34g  
Parmesan cheese dry  
Passion Flakie, caramel, 1  
Pasta with hot naked sauce  
Peek Freans chocolate creme, 2 cookies  
Peek Freans shortcake, 2 cookies  
Penne baked pasta with meat sauce  
Pepperidge Farm Godlfish grahams, honey bun, 20g  
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, vanilla cupcake, 20g  
Pepperidge Farm baked cracker chips, classic barbeque, 20g  
Pepperidge Farm baked cracker chips, zesty chilies and lime, 20g  
Pepperidge Farm baked tortilla crackers, nacho cheese, 20g  
Pepperidge Farm, sweet baked crisps, chocolate, 20g  
Pepperidge Farms Chesapeake, dark chocolate pecan cookie, 1  
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish grahams, chocolate, 20g  
Pepperidge Farms Monaco double chocolate, 2 cookies/29g  
Pepperidge Farms, sweet baked crisps, cinnamon sugar, 20g  
Pepperoni pizza  
Petrelli sun ripened tomatoes, 4 pieces  
Philadelphia chocolate spread, 1T  
Pillsbury Hershey's chocolatey crescent rolls, 33g  
Pillsbury bunny cookies, 2  
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with icing, 44g  
Pillsbury red velvet cookies, 28g  
Pinehill chicken strips, 80g  
Pizza Delight 12" beef, sdtom and green peppers  
Pizza Delight 12" chicken pesto, 131g  
Pizza Delight 12" green pepper, onion and sdt  
Pizza Delight Caesar salad, side, 174g  
Pizza Delight boneless wings, 6  
Pizza Delight buffet, various, best guess  
Pizza Delight chocolate chunk cookie skillet, 296.54 g  
Pizza Delight chocolate eruption  
Pizza Delight garlic cheese fingers, 130g  
Pizza Delight grilled chicken panini  
Pizza Delight oven baked lasagna, 425g  
Pizza Delight pepperoni  
Pizza Delight rice pilaf, 226g  
Pizza Delight, 12" bbq pulled pork, 130g  
Pizza Delight, PB fudge brownie cheesecake (guess), 1 slice  
Pizza Delight, apple skillet,179g  
Pizza Delight, bbq chicken panini, whole sandwich or 291.75  
Pizza Hut 6" Hawaiian personal pan pizza, 234g  
Pizza Hut Caesar dressing, 2T  
Pizza Hut Hershey`s dunkers, 2 pieces  
Pizza Hut Mt. Dew  
Pizza Hut Tuscani meaty marinara pasta, family size, 322g  
Pizza Hut bacon mac n cheese  
Pizza Hut boneless wings, 5  
Pizza Hut boneless wings, 5 pieces  
Pizza Hut breadstick  
Pizza Hut dipping sauce  
Pizza Hut honey bbq sauce  
Pizza Hut honey garlic sauce, per 5 wings  
Pizza Hut large cheese pizza, 1 slice  
Pizza Hut large pan pepperoni, 1 slice  
Pizza Hut panormous, pepperoni, 1 slice  
Pizza Hut personal pan cheese  
Pizza Hut side Caesar  
Pizza Hut side Caesar salad  
Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni  
Pizza Hut thin crust pepperoni  
Pizza Hut, Cheese Lover's pizza, medium, 1 slice/91g  
Pizza Hut, cheese only, 12" medium, classic crust, 80g/1 slice  
Pizza Hut, veggie pizza, medium, stuffed crust, 129g  
Pizza hut bacon mac n cheese  
Planters Deluxe mixed nuts, macadami/cashew, 28g  
Planters dark chocolate almonds, 9 nuts  
Plats du Chef mini pepperoni pizzas, 2  
Popcorn with butter  
Popcorners popped corn chips, cheesy jalapeno, 28g  
Popcorners popped corn chips, kettle, 28g  
Popcorners popped corn chips, white cheddar, 28g  
Pork chop with apple-rosemary sauce  
Prime Pastries mini croissant, 3  
Pringles bbq chips, 28g  
Pringles original, Halloween size, 19g  
Pringles tortilla chips, ranch, 28g  
Pringles, lightly salted potato chips, 28g/16 chips  
Pringles, sour cream and onion, reduced fat, 28g/18 chips  
Quaker Chewy Yogurt, strawberry & banana granola bar, 26g  
Quaker Chewy granola bar, chocolate chip, 26g  
Quaker Chewy granola bar, cocoa chocolate swirl, 26g  
Quaker Dipps, chocolate fudge, 1 bar  
Quaker Dipps, peanut butter, 31g  
Quaker Fiber & Omega-3, peanut butter chocolate, 1 bar/35g  
Quaker Harvest Crunch, light & crisp honey nut granola cereal, 45g  
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, apples and cinnamon, 33g/1 pkg  
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, cinnamon and spice, 1pkg  
Quaker Oats hearty medleys banana nut, 1 pouch  
Quaker chewy apple fruit crumble, 1 bar  
Quaker cookie dry mix, oatmeal and chocolate chunk, 30g  
Quaker instant oatmeal maple & brown sugar, 1 pkg  
Quaker oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, baked recipe, 2 cookies  
Quaker quick oats, 30g  
Quaker quick oats, single packet, 30g  
Quattro fudge creme cookies, 2  
Quattro maple creme cookies, 2  
Quattro vanilla cookies  
Que Pasa unsalted organic tortilla chips, 50g  
Reese NHL half pound cup, 38g  
Reese Praline Clusters, 3 pieces  
Reese Puffs cereal, 3/4 c  
Reese bar, 4 sq  
Reese minis, 210g bag, 39g  
Reese peanut butter cup single, 1 cup/15g  
Reese peanut butter cup, 3 cups.46g  
Reese peanut butter ice cream bar  
Reese sticks, king size, 42g/2 sticks  
Reese's cup mini  
Reese's minis, 43g bag  
Reese's peanut butter cup, 3 cups  
Reese's peanut butter tree, 34g  
Rib tv dinner with brownie  
Ricola throat drops  
Ritz fudge covered crackers, 3  
Rocherblanc 70% fine dark chocolate, 6 sq  
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Fatory, Onyx 72% chocolate bar, 40g  
Rold Gold chocolate dipped pretzels, 50g  
Rolo mini, 14 pieces  
Ruffle chips, lightly salted, 50g  
Ruffles lightly salted, 21 chips/50g  
Rustlers toutons, 100g  
S!gnal bologna, 2 slices/50g  
SND, chicken breast, raw, boneless, skinless, 100g  
SND, cream puff w/ custard filling, 100 g  
SND, pound cake, coommercially prepped, butter, 100g  
Sabatasso's Pizzaria, deep dish deluxe single pizza  
Salmon patties  
Savoia, chocolate chip S biscuits, 1 cookie  
Schneider's hungarian salami, 3 slices  
Schneider's jumbo summer sausage, 30g  
Schweppes, ginger ale, 355mL  
Scotian Gold gala apple, 140g/1 apple  
Scotsburn 1% chocolate milk, partly skimmed, 250mL  
Scotsburn 2% milk, 1cup  
Scotsburn Chocomint bar, 1  
Scotsburn Love at First Bite ice cream, 125mL/85g  
Scotsburn Premium ice cream, PB fudge crunch, 113g  
Scotsburn Premium ice cream, chocolate, 113g  
Scotsburn chocolate orange festive ice cream, 125mL  
Scotsburn cottage cheese, 50% less sodium, 125g  
Scotsburn homogenized milk, 1c  
Scotsburn low fat egg nog, 1/2c  
Scotsburn vanilla ice cream, 1/2c  
Sensations Belgian chocolate-covered finger asst, 6 fingers/32g  
Sensations Italian style blended cheese, 1/3c  
Sensations Italian style shredded cheese, 1/3 c  
Sensations all butter chocolate shortbread cookies, 3  
Sensations angus beef burger, 1  
Sensations angus beef meatballs, 4 balls  
Sensations angus beef sliders, 2  
Sensations basmati rice  
Sensations finely shredded cheese  
Sensations milk chocolate peanut butter clusters, 33g/2 pieces  
Sensations mini buns w/ sesame seeds, 1 bun  
Sensations mini ciabatta buns, olive oil and sea salt, 1 bun  
Sensations mini dark chocolate mint crunch ice cream bar, 55mL  
Sensations oven roasted sundried tomato and basil turkey, 3 slices  
Sensations prime rib meatballs, 4  
Sensations thin crust brick overn pizza, spinach, 1/4th  
Sensations wild sockeye salmon sliders, 2 patties  
Shredded Wheat, bran, 47g  
Shredded Wheat, spoon size, 2/3 c  
Shredded Wheat, spoon size, 47g  
Simply Orange oj  
Skinny Cow milk chocolate heavenly crisp, 1 bar  
Skippy peanut butter, 25% less fat  
Snickers candy bar, snack size, 17g  
Snickers mini bar, 13g  
Snickers peanut butter, 2 sq  
Snickers with almonds, 50g  
Snickers, 52g  
Snickers, rockin' nut road, 50g  
Snyder's of Hanover peanut butter pretzel sandwiches dipped in Hershey's milk chocolate, 40g/5 pieces  
Sobey's 100% butter apple danish, 1/2 of whole, 56g  
Sobey's butter croissant, 64g  
Sobey's cornbread toaster rounds  
Sobey's extra lean ground beef, 1/2 c  
Sobey's lean ground beef, 1/2c  
Sobey's medium ground beef, 1/2c  
Sobey's oatmeal cookie, 1  
Sobey's parmesan reggiano cheese, 30g  
Sobey's pepperoni calzone, 1/2  
Sobey's pepperoni pizza, whole, 12"  
Sobey's picnic buns, 1 roll/30g  
Sobey's pork loin chop, 1  
Sobey's red pepper and onion fougasse bread, 49g  
Sobey's smoked Jarlsberg cheese, 30g  
Sobey's smoked gouda, deli sliced, 30g  
Sobey's weight maintenance bread, 2 slices  
Sobey's white bread, low sodium 2 slices  
Sobeys Canadian medium cheddar cheese, shredded, 30g  
Sobeys apple pie, 6", 100g  
Sobeys chocolate hazelnut infused coffee cake, 55g  
Sobeys picnic buns, 1 bun/30g  
Sobeys ribs, plain, 100g  
Sobeys soft dinner rolls, 1 roll/40g  
Sobeys, Canadian parmesan cheese, shredded, 100g  
Soeby's artisan white ciabatta bread, 54g  
Starbucks blueberry scone, 120g  
Stirling Silver sirloin tip marinating steak, 200g  
Stouffer's Bistro bacon, egg and cheese  
Stouffer's lasagna  
Subway 6" chicken teriyaki  
Subway 6" egg and cheese  
Subway 6" spicy Italian w/ cheese  
Subway 6" veggie on flatbread  
Subway M&M cookie, 45g  
Subway Monterey cheddar cheese, shredded, 14g  
Subway Swiss cheese, 2 triangles/14g  
Subway bacon, 2 slices  
Subway chicken teriyaki salad, 378g  
Subway chix teriyaki, parmesan oregano  
Subway chocolate chip cookie, 45g  
Subway cinnamon roll  
Subway double chocolate chip cookie, 45g  
Subway peanut butter cookie, 45g  
Subway sweet onion sauce, 21g  
Subway veggie delite salad, added together  
Subway white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, 45g  
Subway, 6" ham on whole wheat, no cheese, no condiments, 219g  
Subway, chocolate chunk cookie, 45g  
Subway, gingerbread cookie, 45g  
Subway, oven roasted chicken breast salad; no cheese, dressing, 334g  
Subway, regular egg and cheese on English muffin  
Summer Fresh spinach dip  
Summer sausage sandwich  
Sun Rype fruit to bo strawberry banana  
Sun Rype fruit to go berry mania, 1 bar  
Sun Rype fruit to go strawberry watermelon  
Sun Rype fruit to go wildberry  
Sun Rype fruit to go, strawberry  
Sun Rype just fruit and grains strawberry mango, 1 bar  
Sun Rype just fruit and grains summer berries, 1 bar  
Sweet potato fries  
Swiss Chalet 4 cheese and spinach dip, 257g  
Swiss Chalet chicken breast, no skin  
Swiss Chalet chicken spring rolls, 4 rolls/159g  
Swiss Chalet garlic naan bread, 8 pieces/135g  
Swiss Chalet honey garlic quarter chicken dinner, 666g  
Swiss Chalet plum sauce, 60mL  
Swiss Chalet, butter 10g  
Swiss Chalet, carrot cake, 114g  
Swiss Chalet, coconut cream pie, 173g  
Swiss Chalet, fries 168g  
Swiss Chalet, oven baked potato, 284g  
Swiss Chalet, quarter chicken, white meat, no skin, 142g  
Swiss Chalet, quarter chicken, white meat, w/ skin, 156g  
Swiss Chalet, third rack of ribs, 148g  
Swiss Chalet, white dinner roll, 1/45g  
Swiss Chalet, whole kernel corn, 170g  
Swiss Delice medallion classic, 2 pieces  
Swiss Delice truffino, chocolat au lait. 3 pieces  
Swiss Delice, amandi orange, 4 cookies  
Swiss Delice, chocolux meringue biscuits w/ chocolate filling, 5 cookies  
Swiss Delice, triangola biscuits, 5  
Terra Beata dried blueberries, 50g  
Terry's chocolate orange, 4 slices/35g  
Terry's chocolate orange, dark, 4 slices  
The Keg butter  
The Keg salmon, sweet and spicy, 304g  
The Keg, Billy Miner pie, 194g  
The Keg, Caesar salad, side, 102g  
The Keg, bread, 57g  
Thinsations Nutter Butter bar, 1  
Thinsations cheesecake bar  
Thinsations chocolate cheesecake bar  
Thinsations fudge bar  
Tim Horton's Boston cream donut  
Tim Horton's apple fritter  
Tim Horton's apple strudel  
Tim Horton's birthday cake donut, 77g  
Tim Horton's blueberry filled powdered timbit  
Tim Horton's caramel apple danish, 1  
Tim Horton's caramel chocolate pecan cookie, 1  
Tim Horton's cherry timbit, 1  
Tim Horton's chocolate chip muffin, 115g  
Tim Horton's chocolate chunk cookie, 1  
Tim Horton's chocolate coconut timbit  
Tim Horton's chocolate danish  
Tim Horton's chocolate glazed donut, 1  
Tim Horton's chocolate glazed timbit  
Tim Horton's cinnamon roll, glazed  
Tim Horton's double chocolate donut  
Tim Horton's frozen lemonade, small  
Tim Horton's ginger molasses cookies, 53g  
Tim Horton's gingerbread glazed donut  
Tim Horton's grilled cheese panini, white bread, whole sandwich  
Tim Horton's honey cruller  
Tim Horton's honey dip donut, 62g  
Tim Horton's honey dip timbit, 1  
Tim Horton's lemon poppyseed muffin  
Tim Horton's maple pecan danish  
Tim Horton's old fashion plain donut  
Tim Horton's old fashioned plain timbit, 1  
Tim Horton's peanut butter cookie, 1  
Tim Horton's pumpkin spice donut, 77g  
Tim Horton's pumpkin spice muffin, 122g  
Tim Horton's red velvet muffin, 122g  
Tim Horton's sour cream glazed timbit  
Tim Horton's strawberry cream cheese strudel  
Tim Horton's strawberry shortcake muffin, 122g  
Tim Horton's toasted coconut donut  
Tim Horton's vanilla Greek yogurt w/ mixed berries + almond granola, 198g  
Tim Horton's walnut crunch  
Tim Horton's wild blueberry muffin, 115g  
Toaster Strudel strawberry/cream cheese, 1 pastry  
Toblerone One by One, 35g  
Toblerone bar 100g, 50g serving  
Toblerone w/ white chocolate tip, 6 pieces/50g  
Tostios low sodium rounds, 40  
Tostitos Cantina extra thin tortilla chips, 50g  
Tostitos rounds  
TreStelle parmigiano reggiano cheese, 2T  
Trident fish sticks, 3 sticks  
Trident gum  
Trident pubhouse battered cod  
Trident pubhouse battered fish, 2 pieces  
Twix bar, fun size, 10g  
Twix bites, 39g  
Twix peanut butter bar, 2 bars  
Two Bite cinnamon scones, 60g  
Two Bite vanilla bean scones, 60g  
Two-Bite brownies,38g  
Two-Bite, gingerbread man cupcakes, 71g  
UN iso sensation cookies n cream, 1 scoop  
V8 Fusion  
V8 Fusion light  
VH plum sauce, 2T  
VH sweet Thai chili sauce, 30mL  
VSC Chocolats, Belgian chocolate covered seashells, 3 pieces  
Vachon Jos Louis 100 cal bars, 1 bar  
Vachon Jos Louis fudge bar, 34g/1 bar  
Vachon May West bar, 34g  
Vachon Morning! Muffin, blueberry & buttermilk, 50g  
Vachon Swiss rolls, 1  
Vachon carrot cake, 32g  
Villagio bread  
Voortman apple turnover cookies, 1  
Waterbridge Wave, dark chocolate, 12 pieces  
Waterbridge, Belgian dark chocolate w/ almonds, 30g  
Weight Waters 100% whole wheat tortilla  
Wendy's Asian cashew chicken salad, half size, 232g  
Wendy's Frosty, chocolate, small, 247g  
West Tower Bakery, coco cups, 53g  
West Tower Bakery, peanut butter balls, 25g  
West Tower bakery, PB cookies, 34g  
West Tower bakery, graham sandwich sq, 37g  
Wheat Thins spinach and roasted garlic, 13 crackers  
Wheat Thins sweet potato, 13  
Wheat Thins, 11  
Wheat Thins, 37% less fat  
Wheat Thins, nacho cheese, 20g  
Wheat Thins, sun dried tomato and basil, 20g  
Whipped peanut butter  
Wink Cripps Pink apple, 154g  
Wonder bread with fiber  
Woolwich Chevrai goat cheese, soft & unripened, honey vanilla, 30g  
Yoplait Source, Greek yogurt, apple pie, 100g  
Yoplait Source, Greek yogurt, vanilla & chocolate, 100g  
Ziggy's x-lean ham, 55g  
Zyxst home made oatmeal cookies, half batch, 1 cookie  
Zyxst honey lime dressing, 15mL  
almonds, roasted and unsalted  
alphabet pasta  
apple spice cupcake  
apple, McIntosh 150g  
apple, raw, with skin, 100g  
apple-cream cheese bagel snack  
babybel gouda  
babybel light  
bacon, misc, 2slices  
baked Cheetos  
baked breade pork chop  
baked fusili w/ pepperoni, 1/4 pan  
bakery bread  
balsamic vinegar  
banana chips, sweetened  
banana, raw, 100g  
blueberries, raw, 100g  
bread pudding, 1/8th  
butter tart  
cake, rainbow bits, 1/12th  
cantaloupe, raw, 100g  
carrot cake muffin, 1  
cheese rigatoni with sauce  
chicken breast Swiss Chalet  
corn Swiss Chalet  
cream cheese  
crepe, large  
cucumber, raw with peel, 100g  
cupcake, large  
dinner roll, 1  
double chocolate muffin, 122g  
dried blueberries, 100g  
dried strawberries  
eggs, large, 1 egg  
fortune cookie  
fudge cake, Swiss Chalet  
fudge pop mini  
garlic pizza fingers with Molinaro crust  
hamburger, plain  
hot chocolate  
lemon poppyseed biscotti, home made  
lettuce, romaine, 100g  
long macaroni  
maple butter, 2T  
mashed potato, Swiss Chalet  
mashed potatoes Swiss Chalet  
meatloaf, 1/6th  
mild taco sauce  
onions, raw, 100g  
perogies, cheddar, 4  
pesto sauce  
potato, white, raw w/ skin, 369g  
raspberries, raw, 100g  
raw baby carrots  
red bell peppers, raw, 100g  
red velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting, homemade  
red velvet cupcake, half  
roll Swiss chalet  
romaine lettuce, 2 cups  
shortbread cookie  
side Caesar salad Swiss Chalet  
side rice Swiss Chalet  
skim milk  
soft shell taco homemade  
spanakopita, 57g  
spicy cassava chips, 21g  
spinach dip, 2 T  
string cheese  
sunflower seeds, roasted and unsalted  
sweet chili sauce, Swiss Chalet  
teriyaki chicken and rice  
tomato and basil cream cheese  
watermelon, raw, 100g