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How to Prepare Foods to Maintain Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a mineral that your body needs. It helps the body produce energy, helps several enzyme and hormones function properly, and helps red blood cells do their job. Since phosphorus is a natural buffer, it is an essential ingredient to maintain the body's natural acid-base balance. If you want to prepare foods to maintain phosphorus, consider the following information.


Researchers have found that a diet high in fructose causes the body to excrete phosphorus. With that in mind, purchase sugar-free food items or those low in sugar. When you are cooking, use recipes that allow you to keep added sugar to a minimum in food preparation.

Animal sources

Most foods from animal sources contain phosphorus. You can include dairy products like cheese and milk, and meats such as beef, chicken, liver and fish, which are especially high in the mineral. Grains, beans and nuts have a form of phosphorus that is not as readily available to the body, so if you are relying on vegetarian foods alone, you will want to make sure you eat an adequate amount of these foods.

Yeast breads

Breads made with yeast have the proper enzymes to make phosphorus more usable by the body. If you bake your own breads, recipes that use yeast will be more beneficial if you are trying to get enough phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a mineral that's easy to get through diet, but if your doctor has determined that you need more of the mineral, ask about food preparation as a way to obtain more phosphorus.

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