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How Much Niacin Do You Need? How Much Niacin Is Too Much?


The essential nutritional ingredient called niacin helps the body to function properly, aiding in energy boosting and control of the central nervous system. However, too much niacin can be harmful and users may develop some negative side effects.

How Much Niacin Do You Need?

Nutritional agencies recommend 13-17 mg daily of niacin in the diet. This is the regular intake recommended for a normal adult. These levels of niacin are readily available through common foods including various kinds of red meat, fish, breakfast cereals, nuts, and many more food sources.

Some individuals take much higher levels of niacin in order to inhibit cholesterol. Others take high levels of niacin temporarily in order to “cleanse” their system. Either of these elevated niacin diets can be dangerous if an excess of niacin produces some common side effects.

Effects of too Much Niacin

Those who have ingested too much niacin may experience dizziness, nausea, or other side effects including flushing of the skin and itchiness. These may signal a niacin overdose that can have harmful effects on the liver. Different individuals have different thresholds for niacin, but everyone should avoid elevated niacin levels, as they generally lead to some common dangers and health risks.

For more on niacin intake, talk to your doctor about how this nutrient can affect you if taken in excess. Always consult professional medical doctors before using dietary supplements or other similar products. More information on niacin and niacin-rich foods can help consumers reach their needed niacin levels without taking too much of this element and encountering the above side effects.

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