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Do Echinacea Supplements Work?

Echinacea is a flowering plant that is used as a herbal supplement to treat several medical conditions. The most common use of echinacea is to help treat the common cold and flu. The supplement's effectiveness is dependent on what it's being used to treat. Below you will find out the effectiveness of echinacea on various medical problems.

Common Cold

Scientific studies have shown mixed results on echinacea's effectiveness in treating the common cold. Some studies conclude that the herbal supplement shortens the duration of the cold and decreases the symptoms of the illness. Other studies reveal that echinacea is not an effective way to prevent the common cold. 

Yeast Infections

A study showed that echinacea supplements can effectively treat yeast infections when used with econazole, an anti-fungal cream. Echinacea enhanced the fungal fighting power of the cream. This combination of treatments seem promising, but more research must be done to confirm these results. 

Other Illnesses

There are several claims that taking echinacea supplements is effective in treating gential herpes and the flu. However, studies that addressed these possibilities were inconclusive. For example, one study suggested that echinacea had no impact on genital herpes outbreaks. Another study concluded that it made symptoms of the flu less severe. Studies that have addressed other claims are either unreliable or in progress.

While most research discredits the benefits of echinacea, the herbal supplement still shows promise in treating several medical conditions. That is why more research is being done to prove the many benefits of echinacea. Remember to consult a health physician before you decide to take echinacea supplements. 

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