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8 Foods Rich in Campesterol

Campesterol is a nutritional ingredient that generates some interesting discussions. This is one nutrient where the net positive or negative health value is not so easy to figure out. Campesterol is one of several plant sterols that have been known to lower overall cholesterol levels. Some scientists also think that these plant sterols can help reduce the risk of certain gastrointestinal cancers. However, the risks of eating a lot of Campesterol and other plant sterols include atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, as well as issues with plaque that can contribute to cardiovascular problems.

For those who have gotten recommendations from a medical professional, Campesterol can be found in a variety of natural foods. Here are some of the top foods that contain large amounts of Campesterol.

1. Vegetable Oils

A variety of vegetable oils, including canola and soy oils, have a relatively high amount of Campesterol. Look at the risks and benefits of these kinds of cooking oils for your particular diet.

2. Margarine and Similar Spreads

These days, a lot of margarines and related products are fortified with plan sterols like Campesterol. The inclusion of these elements is part of what drives the major debate over whether margarine or butter is healthier for a specific individual's diet.

3. Peppers

Some types of hot peppers, like Serrano or chili peppers, have a high amount of Campesterol and other plant sterols, especially in their raw form.

4. Eggs

The egg has its own stores of Campesterol, although it is also a major source of cholesterol. Many dieters are encouraged to avoid an egg-heavy routine, or to stick to egg whites, though the specifics vary according to personal factors.

5. Nuts

Pecans, walnuts and other kinds of nuts have roughly the same Campesterol levels by volume as eggs, without the additional cholesterol. Nuts are also an easy way to get proteins. Nonperishable and easily transported, nuts are a good part of a balanced diet for most on-the-go individuals who need to carry their food with them at least some of the time.

6. Potatoes

Lots of people include mashed potatoes in the list of prepared foods with high Campesterol values. This food is additionally rich in Campesterol when prepared with margarine and other Campesterol containing vegetable oils.

7. Beans

When it comes to natural vegetables containing high amounts of Campesterol, raw fava beans are among the top candidates. These relatively obscure beans also provide proteins and other nutrients that a person may want on her plate.

8. Avocados

A list of Campesterol-containing foods wouldn't be complete without a nod to the avocado. This uniquely textured plant food has some of the same nutritional qualities as the foods mentioned above, particularly those related to nuts and legumes. It's also a flavorful addition to many meals.

The above represent some of the foods that bring Campesterol and plant sterols into a daily diet. Talk to your family doctor and qualified nutritionists about whether a specific amount of Campesterol is good for your dietary program.

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