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The Secret Nutrition in Soy Protein

The nutrition soy protein can provide is an area that has been extensively researched. Soy protein can make a valuable contribution to a healthy eating plan, as well as being a substitute for meat products. Soy protein is a valuable part of many bodybuilder and athlete diets.

The Nutrition in Soy Protein

Soy protein is extracted from soy beans, and it contains the essential amino acids that are necessary in a healthy diet. These amino acids are termed essential because the human body cannot create them. The body has to extract them from other sources. The essential amino acids are vital for the body's growth and reparation. Essential amino acids also help combat the negative effects of physical stress. In addition to essential amino acids, soy protein contains vitamins and minerals which are important for good health.

The Benefits of Soy Protein

  • Research suggests that using soy protein as a meat alternative can reduce cholesterol levels, as soy products are low in cholesterol and fat. The benefit of using soy products as a meat substitute is especially evident with people who have high cholesterol.
  • It's believed that the use of soy protein instead of meat can decrease the risk of heart disease. Soy products contain less fat than meat.
  • Soy protein helps fight hunger pangs, and by incorporating soy into your diet, you will feel fuller for a longer period of time after a meal. This will help curb the urge to snack on unhealthy foods.
  • Soy protein is a useful component in diets that are high in protein but low in carbohydrates.
  • Many products that make use of soy also contain fiber, which is necessary for a healthy diet.
  • Soy protein is thought to decrease the risk of a variety of illnesses, including cancer.
  • Soy protein is easy to digest by the body when compared to other foods that contain protein.

The Availability of Soy Protein

To make the most of the nutrition soy protein provides, incorporate soy products into your diet. Soy protein is available in many forms, such as tofu and vegetarian burgers. Some bagels are produced using soy, and soy cheese is another product that contains soy protein. A soy smoothie can be a tasty snack, created by adding soy protein powder to a blend of fruits. Soy milk can be used by as a replacement for dairy milk. This is a beneficial alternative to people who are allergic to dairy milk or vegans who exclude dairy products from their diets. Soy protein can be used as an alternative to flour when cooking meals.

With soy protein available in so many forms, your diet can still be varied and exciting. With the rise in popularity of soy protein, there are an abundance of recipe books which incorporate it into meals. Vegetarian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, and are a good place to enjoy meals rich in soy protein.

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