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Chocolate Soy Protein: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Chocolate soy protein is something that you might be interested in taking if you're trying to gain an advantage in the weight room. When taken for a short period of time, chocolate soy protein can help you to gain muscle mass, get a "ripped" look and increase the amount of weight that you can lift in the weight room. It can really provide a much-needed pick-me-up if you are struggling or have peaked at a certain weight in the gym. However, that doesn't mean that chocolate soy protein is the perfect solution for everyone. And, if you continue to take chocolate soy protein for a long period of time, it might not be right for you, either. Chocolate soy protein, while helpful, can actually provide too much of a good thing and turn out to be bad for you.

The Problem with Chocolate Soy Protein

The main problem with chocolate soy protein is that it contains phytoestrogens that basically act like the female hormone estrogen within the human body. Even in males, the phytoestrogens act like estrogen and create an excess of the hormone in the male body. Naturally, this can cause a variety of problems for you if you are a male using chocolate soy protein during lifting sessions.

It can also cause problems if you are a female. For one, too much estrogen can do more than just cause harm to your reproductive system. It can affect your thyroid and cause a loss of energy, a spike in your weight, depression and many other symptoms as well. If you are a male, you will suffer from a lower sperm count and, if you are a female, you will probably notice an increase in fat deposits throughout your body.

Other Adverse Effects of Chocolate Soy Protein

In addition to the symptoms listed above that happen as a result of an increase in estrogen, chocolate soy protein can also cause a host of other problems in your body if you use it regularly. One of the major things that could happen is kidney stones. Especially if you have a history of kidney stones, you should not use soy-based products. If you do, your kidney stones could get worse as a result of using chocolate soy protein.

So, Should You Use Chocolate Soy Protein?

As with any supplement you take, talk to your doctor before you start using chocolate soy protein. You want to make sure your body can handle the increase in estrogen. Your doctor can also recommend other supplements that might suit you better. You may be able to use protein shakes without the soy to maximize your results without hurting your body.

Soy can be very helpful and help you bulk up, but you certainly don't want to use chocolate soy protein at the risk of doing damage to your health. You also don't want to bulk up for the short term and then suffer from fat deposits later on due to the estrogen in chocolate soy protein. Be careful if you do use it and be sure to stop if you notice any harmful effects taking place on or in your body.

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