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Why You Should Incorporate Meatless Meals into Your Diet

Incorporating meatless meals into your diet can help you stay fit. You do not have to sacrifice your favorite baked chicken or lamb kebab dinners to reap the reward of going meatless, either. Just one or two meatless meals a week can improve your health. You can expect the following important benefits to come your way.

Fights Cancer Risks

Scientific studies present this clear message: making fruits and vegetables a dominant part of your diet can help you avoid the risk of cancer. Colon cancer is especially singled out as a risk that is linked to eating red and processed meats. Another sobering finding comes from a  study that focused on mortality in the United States. This study found that people who ate the most red meat and processed meat over a 10-year period were more apt to die sooner than those who ate less red and processed meat.  

Fights Heart Disease

Some red meats are high in saturated fat. This can have serious consequences for patients with heart ailments. Any food that is high in saturated fats raises cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol raise the risk of heart disease. Adding more meatless meals gives you the opportunity to avoid unhealthy fats and cholesterol. You can cut your risk for cardiovascular disease through meatless meals.

Assists with Weight Loss

People who eat only vegetables and fruits take in less calories a day than those who eat meat. Your meatless meals, if portion-controlled, can deliver satisfaction with less calories and fats consumed. Vegetarians are found to weigh 15 percent less than those who eat meat.

When you eat average portions of fruit, veggies and meatless proteins in the form of tofu, for example, you feel quite full. A bowl of salad with a small amount of low-calorie dressing is only 50-100 calories, and leafy greens and cabbage have very low calories even when consumed in larger portions.

Cuts Down on Grocery Expenses

With health experts stressing the role that fruits and vegetables play in fitness, open markets are springing up in cities and towns that sell the best of crops tilled by local farmers and cooperatives. Take advantage of bargain pricies for fruits and veggies for your next meatless meals. Save on dollars you may have spent for a sirloin or other choice meats.

A simple vegetarian meal can be delicious and easy on the dollar. A grilled cheese sandwich using nutritious brown bread, along with salad and tomato soup, costs little to prepare. Another economical meatless meal: stuff a baked potato with broccoli and drizzle a small portion of melted cheese over it, and serve with a handful of soy crisps.

Makes Nutrition Easy

You cannot be blamed for thinking that nutrition recommendations seem impossible if not impractical to achieve. How can you include all those vitamins and minerals in just three meals a day? The answer is in your next meatless meal. Vegetables, fruits and soy-based proteins pack a mineral and vitamin punch.

Onions, asparagus, potatoes, corn and tomatoes, just to name a few veggies, are full of vitamins and minerals. A serving of spinach delivers a triple boost of B vitamins that give you thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. These help your nerves, vision, skin and digestion. Spinach also has vitamins C and K.

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