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What is Tocotrienol?

Tocotrienol is one of the 2 primary nutrients that belong to the vitamin E family. The other member is tocopherol. The former occurs naturally in certain vegetable oils, nuts and grains. However, it is found only in minimal quantities. Food sources include saw palmetto, barley, wheat germ, rice, bran, barley, rye, oats and coconut oil. Tocotrienol is a widely regarded powerful nutrient also referred to as natural vitamin E. It has a wide range of functions in the body.


Natural vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. This potency is attributed to its unique molecular structure. The side chain of the molecule consists of 3 double chains which enhances its antioxidant properties. This allows it to move freely and rapidly in cell membranes. As it does so, it comes into close contact with free radicals which it eradicates. However, it leaves healthy cells alone. The antioxidant properties assure several health benefits. It has made it a useful agent in the treatment of various cancers. If you want to enhance your antioxidant status and boost immunity, tocotrienols are a vital nutrient.

Cholesterol Management

Natural vitamin E is widely recognized as a natural agent in the management of high cholesterol levels. An enzyme in the liver is responsible for the production of cholesterol. Natural vitamin E suppresses the production of this enzyme. This brings down cholesterol levels. The nutrient also helps to loosen and remove hardened cholesterol in the arteries which form plaque. Although it gets rid of bad cholesterol, tocotrienol helps to increase good cholesterol levels in the blood. This makes it a useful agent for those who wish to achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

Cardiovascular Health

One way in which natural vitamin E supports cardiovascular health is its role in cholesterol management. It can hinder build-up of plaque in the arteries and thus prevent arterial blockage. High cholesterol levels are a lead cause of heart disease and stroke. Inclusion of natural vitamin E in the diet along with other healthy lifestyle practices can greatly improve cardiovascular health. This reduces the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer Prevention

Although cancers are incurable, tocotrienols have shown great potential in management of the disease. The 3 double-bond structure of the nutrient gives it a high capacity to eradicate free radicals and fight cancer. It induces the death of cancerous cells but leaves healthy cells alone. It has also been established as an effective tumor suppressant. The anti-oxidative properties of natural vitamin E can help prevent pancreatic, breast and prostrate cancers.

Skin Health

The anti-aging role of natural vitamin E has made it a vital aid in cosmetics and personal care. Free radicals in the skin and ultraviolet radiation are 2 key factors that cause us to age. Over time, oxidative damage results in wrinkles on the skin. As a powerful antioxidant, the vitamin neutralizes free radicals to slow down the aging process. It also helps to prevent absorption of ultraviolet radiation by the skin. Additionally, the powerful antioxidant prevents the development of melanoma and skin pigmentation. It is one of the vital nutrients you can take to safeguard and improve the health of your skin.

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