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Using Chocolate Milk to Make Healthy Shakes

Chocolate milk remains a staple for many individuals seeking the perfect healthy shake recipe. The naturally sweet and healthy drink provides a foundation for meal replacement drinks and post workout meals, easily mixing with protein powders, fresh or frozen fruit and even peanut butter.

Healthy Choices

Depending on the dietary and physical goals that a person has set forth, "healthy" may have a different meaning. Chocolate milk, however, offers a choice that works well with nearly everyone who does not have lactose intolerance issues. The natural sugars and proteins in all fat count varieties of milk provide individuals with a muscle building fuel. Chocolate simply adds flavor, plus a few more vitamins. For a nutritious shake, chocolate milk mixed in a blender with frozen berries, a flavored protein powder and peanut butter will provide an excellent source of protein with low glycemic carbohydrates and a source of healthy fats. Countless recipes for healthy shakes exist in nutritional books, guides on the Internet and at health product stores, though experimenting with ingredients often gives individuals their desired results.

Basic Ideas

When using chocolate milk to create a healthy shake, try balancing macro-nutrients in a manner that fits a desired diet plan. By adding another strong protein source to the mix along with healthy fats and carbs, a recipe could offer a perfect blend tailored toward a weight loss or muscle building diet. Healthy shakes that contain balanced macro-nutrient ratios act as a great food source when striving toward physically demanding goals.

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