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Understanding Satiety and How It Affects Your Diet

The satiety index is a measurement of how well certain foods fill you up. You can eat the same amount of two different types of food, but one of the foods may fill you up better than the other. High-satiety foods leave you feeling fuller for longer while low satiety foods typically satisfy your hunger for the moment but do not leave you feeling full for very long. This is good to know if you are trying to improve your diet. If you feel full eating a certain type of food, you should try and incorporate that food into your diet more often. It will enable you to eat less food during the course of a day but still feel full. You'll just need to find high-satiety foods to eat in order to curb your appetite until your next meal.

Eating High Satiety Foods Helps

There are a variety of foods that you can eat at every meal that will leave you feeling full. For instance, eating oatmeal over some brands of cereal can be good for you because oatmeal is a high-satiety food. That means that once you eat oatmeal, you will feel full. So you won't need to grab a piece of toast or another serving of oatmeal half an hour after breakfast when your appetite creeps back up on you. Rather, you will feel full and you'll be able to make it to lunch without eating in between. Likewise, something like white bread is a high-satiety food. So if you make a sandwich using white bread, you'll likely be able to make it to dinner without snacking in between meals. Of course, you need to be sure that the high-satiety meals you choose work within the context of your diet. But by choosing high-satiety foods, you can eat less, feel full and stay on course when it comes to your diet.

Thinking About What You Eat

The problem with most diets is that they leave you hungry when it's not time to eat. This is one reason that you may have tried to diet in the past without success. Because of this, you should reevaluate the diets you've used in the past to see if they take satiety into consideration. Satiety is a relatively new concept that it still being studied. But it definitely makes sense. There are probably some foods you can think of right now that leave you feeling full after just a few bites. Other foods, on the other hand, leave you craving more to eat shortly after your meal. Think about the types of foods you eat and figure out what the satiety of them is. It can go a long way towards helping you to improve your diet by forcing your body to feel full by eating the right things.

To make the most out of your diet, try incorporating more high-satiety foods. They will fill you up and leave you satisfied after each and every meal.

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