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The Nutrition of Granola

Granola is thought of most popularly as both a breakfast food as well as a snack food. It commonly includes ingredients like honey, rice, rolled oats and nuts, and these are then baked until they are all crispy. Under the baking procedure, the ingredients are stirred until they reach a breakfast cereal type of consistency. Sometimes, to change things up and keep things interesting if not a little daring, foods like dates and raisins are even added. Granola is sometimes thought of as similar to foods like trail mix and the Swiss breakfast cereal called muesli. Today, many people know granola by its most familiar and popular form, which is the bar form that is available at your local supermarket.

History of Granola

Back in the 19th century, the word granola was trademarked as a type of food that was made up of whole grain and then crumbled and baked until it became crispy. This trademarking only exists today in Australia. The birthplace of Granula, as it was formerly called, can be traced back to 1894 and the Jackson Sanitarium in Dansville, New York. Its inventor was the namesake of the health spa, a Dr. James Caleb Jackson. In its earliest form back then, Granula looked like oversized grape-nuts and was made up of Graham flour. At around the same time, a similar type of food was invented by one John Harvey Kellogg, and he, too, called his invention Granula. Driven to change the name to Granola due to legal problems of trademark infringement, Kellogg went on to invent the basis of the Corn Flakes cereal empire.

Granola as a Bar

Its most popular conception by far today is the ever-popular granola bar. While the invention of granola as a cereal is attributed to the aforementioned doctors, the bar itself was the brainchild of one Stanley Mason. While being initially quite close to the composition of the normal form of granola, granola bars in their shape are anything but loose. A granola bar is pressed and then baked into a bar shape, which makes it all the more convenient to be used as an easy-to-carry snack. The penetration of the granola bar is most common in North America, Japan, Southern Europe, Brazil and South Africa. There has been a push of late to market the granola bar with more vigor in countries like India.

Nutrition in Granola

Granola is generally thought of as healthy on account of its ingredients. High in calories and easy to store, hikers and campers usually love it as a high-energy snack that gives them a boost of strength. In combination with other foods, granola is often eaten alongside strawberries, honey, milk, bananas, yogurt and even other types of cereal. Granola is also used as a potent ingredient in the aiding of one's digestion, particularly if the recipe for granola includes ingredients like flax seeds. Sometimes, it may be used to top various desserts and pastries, too.

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