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The Nutrition of English Muffins

There is nothing better for breakfast in the morning than good old English muffins, but how healthy are these items for you? Here's the truth behind English muffins, so be sure to read this before breakfast!


When discussing the nutrition of English muffins, it is very important to talk about their caloric density. Caloric density refers to the amount of calories in the item of food being discussed. Typically, one English muffin contains around 250 calories. Compare this to a regular piece of bread, which has around 100 calories per slice. In this age of growing obesity,we need to keep calories in mind. Though 250 calories may not seem like a lot, it's important to keep it in perspective. In order to lose one pound per week, you would need to eliminate 700 calories from your body per day. While you can do this through diet alone, most people use a combination of diet and exercise. So assuming that you are burning off 400 calories per day (which is a conservative estimate), you then only need to cut 300 calories - approximately the amount found in one English muffin - from your diet.


There is also a relatively high amount of sodium in English muffins. Sodium can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. It can lead to water retention, which causes bloating, swelling and a general feeling of unease. High sodium consumption has been linked to the development of a wide variety of chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and stroke. For good health it is important to keep sodium intake to a minimum.


As if the calories and sodium found within English muffins aren't bad enough, they also contain high amounts of fat. The fat found in English muffins is more often that not saturated fat, which like sodium has been linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death. This type of fat should only be eaten in limited quantities.


Though English muffins do contain a considerable number of ingredients that detrimental to good health, there is one item found within them that is actually good for you. Fiber is a main ingredient in many English muffins, and has been found to support cardiovascular health, aid in the treatment and prevention of certain cancers and can even reverse some of the effects of Alzheimer's disease. In addition, fiber is great for dieters due to it's "bulky" characteristics. Fiber takes up a lot of room in your stomach, and therefore makes you feel more full than you may actually be. In addition, fiber is slow digesting and takes a long time to leave your stomach, thereby keeping you feeling full for a long period of time.

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