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The 4 Healthiest 100 Calorie Packs

As many as 43 companies are now making the increasingly popular 100 calorie packs. While 100 calorie packs might not contain many calories, most don’t contain many nutrients either, and you won’t be feeling satisfied for very long. These 100 calorie packs are helpful when you want to indulge without going “overboard,” but they are not a replacement for a nutritious snack. Some 100 calorie packs are better than others. Here are four of the healthiest snack packs; just remember to eat only one.

1. Wheat Thins

While Wheat Thins are not the most exciting 100 calorie snack pack, they are among the healthiest. Wheat Thins 100 calorie packs are baked crackers and they contain 4% of your daily recommended calcium and iron intake. Try the whole wheat or rye Wheat Thins 100 calorie packs to be even healthier.

2. Harvest Cheddar Multi-Grain Sun Chips

Sun Chips use whole wheat and whole corn to make their chips. The harvest cheddar 100 calorie snack packs contain 4.5 grams of fat, but over half is from monounsaturated fat (the healthiest kind) and only .5 is from saturated fat. These chips do contain many additives from artificial color to preservatives, but nutritionally they are not bad for chips.

3. Grahams Thin Crisps

Grahams Thin Crisps 100 calorie packs are also among the healthiest 100 calorie packs. While you only get eight thin crisp graham crackers, you also only get two grams of fat (no saturated or trans fat). There aren’t any ingredients in Grahams Thin Crisps that you can’t pronounce, so that gives them points in their favor. The thin crisps contain seven grams of sugar, which is high for only eight crisps, but it is average among 100 calorie snack packs.

4. Hostess Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

The Hostess cinnamon coffee cakes contain three cakes and you get to eat all three for only 100 calories. Breaking up the 100 calories into three pieces will make you feel like you are getting more, rather than putting one 100 calorie bite into your mouth. The coffee cakes contain three grams of fat and only .5 grams are from saturated fat. These coffee cakes do contain cholesterol, but it is relatively low at 10 percent of your daily allotted amount of cholesterol. The best part about the cinnamon 100 calorie snack packs is that they contain 20% of your dietary fiber.

It should be noted that just because these four snack packs are “the healthiest” 100 calorie packs, it does not mean that they are “healthy” per say. Choosing 100 calorie snack packs is a great option to avoid eating an entire bag of cookies or chips, but if you have the option to eat a nutritious snack like apples and peanut butter or vegetables and hummus, the nutritious snack is always the better option for your health.

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