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Soy Meat: How it Compares to the Real Thing

Soy meat is the alternative to real meat and is widely consumed by vegan and vegetarian people. This meat analogue may also be a solution for people that want a healthier life or want to lose weight, because it doesn't contain fat. Soy meat contains textured vegetable protein that may replace the protein obtained from meat and is a necessary source of energy. When compared to real meat, soy may fall short in certain aspects ( such as flavor), but it may also be more advantageous in others.

Soy Meat

Soy meat is a meat analogue, which contains proteins and is consumed by vegans and vegetarians worldwide. The soy meat is made of soy flour and/or soybean oil. Extracts from cotton seeds, wheat and oats may also be used. Some soy meats contain fillers, which can be flour, corn or other vegetables, used to make the product more flavorful. Soy meat can be used to create burgers, tacos, burritos or other meals that normally use real meat.

Soy Meat vs. Real Meat

Soy meat can be compared to real meat in many ways such as protein content or texture. However, there are multiple other aspects to be considered:

  • Nutrition Facts: Soy meat contains the same amount of proteins as regular meat, but the soy meat contains no fat. This can be a good alternative for people that are on a low fat diet or people that are trying to cut down on their fat intake. However, some soy meats also contain fillers, which may be made of regular flour or other ingredients that are high in carbohydrates.
  • Calories: Soy meat contains fewer calories, which is due to the fact that there is no fat in it. However, you need to make sure that there are no fillers or additives that are high in carbs, which may increase the amount of calories.
  • Health: When this aspect is considered, soy meat is definitely healthier, because there is no fat in this type of meat. It will not cause high cholesterol in the long run. In addition, real meat has been linked to heart disease and even cancer. So far, there is no data to show that soy meat leads to cancer or heart problems. Soy meat is also healthier than processed meat such as hot dogs or burgers, which may have a lot of unsaturated fats and sodium.
  • Taste: When it comes to the consistency and texture, soy meat is very similar to real meat, but many people opine that the taste of soy meat is not as flavorful as meat. Some even say the soy meat is flavorless. However, there are people that prefer the taste of soy meat to real meat.
  • Cost: Soy meat is cheaper than most real meats available on the market.

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