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Not Big on Fresh Fruits? Try These 3 Substitutes

If you are an adult who still has not gotten used to eating fresh fruits, then life can be a little bit difficult for you, if not a little awkward, too. Fresh fruits are found not just as foods to be eaten on their own, but as ingredients in many other types of food, such as in dishes. If you can't stand or stomach fresh fruit, then you will have to make due with a few, different substitutes for all the nutrients you are depriving yourself of by choosing not to eat fresh fruits. Here is a list of 3 substitutes you can use in place of fresh fruits.

1. Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a suitable way of substituting for the fresh fruits that you are not getting into your diet because of your refusal to eat them or your repulsion at eating them. Fruit smoothies achieve two objectives. One, they succeed in getting you at least some of the nutrients that you are depriving yourself of since you are not big at all on eating fresh fruits. And, two, they also succeed in providing you with a suitable substitute for fresh fruits that does not taste as bad as you think fresh fruits taste. You can buy fruit smoothies outside, or you can make them at home by buying fresh fruits, but instead of eating them as they are, you just combine them in a blender with non-fat milk, ice and honey.

2. Fruit Supplements

Usually found in places as convenient as your local grocery store, fruit supplements are the ultra-easy way of getting into your body all those lost nutrients that you deprive yourself of when you refuse to eat fresh fruits. These fruit supplements have usually been put through rigorous, independent, clinical research studies at various universities and the like before being released for public consumption. While fruit supplements are still by far inferior to getting the wholesome nutrients from the fresh fruits themselves, they are better than totally depriving your body of said nutrients. One benefit, however, to fruit supplements is that they are superior to traditional vitamin supplements because of the wider selection of minerals and vitamins that they include.

3. Preserved Fruits

If you are not able to eat fresh fruits, you may want to try getting a semblance of them into your body another way. The way you can do this is by including preserved fruits--such as dried fruits and the like--as ingredients in your cooking for a multitude of dishes that you prepare. Using them as ingredients that are part of bigger dishes is a tactical way that you can hide the actual taste of the fruits that you would otherwise find objectionable and therefore not eat. As part of a dish with other flavors, you won't taste the fruit that you dislike, and you'll still get their benefits.

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