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Mila vs. Other Salvia Hispanica L

Mila is a mixture of chia seeds that have numerous health benefits. Lifemax Inc., a network marketing company, recognized the significant benefits of chia and promotes its blend of chia seeds as Mila. The seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of heart attacks, improve hair and skin condition, enhance memory, treat arthritis, and much more. Chia, an ancient Aztec crop, is also nutrient dense in protein, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and antioxidants. Lifemax also called the seed blend "Mila" to distinguish it from other types of chia or Salvia Hispanica L. for four main reasons.  

Carefully Selected Seeds

The chia seeds in Mila are selected based on factors such as climate, soil and time of harvest. These factors are crucial to determining the quality of the chia seeds and how nutrient dense they are. For example, mature seeds have more omega-3 fatty acids in comparison to immature seeds. Hence, Mila is a special blend of only high-quality seeds. Seeds that do not pass inspection are not wasted and are used in many other channels of distribution.

Special Cleaning Process

Seed cleaning is important to ensuring that only the best seeds are being blended. The process removes debris from the seed as well as low-quality or infected seeds. Debris and damaged seeds can cause infection. Therefore, only good quality viable seeds are included into the mixture. Cleaning not ensures high-quality nutrition, but your safety as well. 

Mechanical Seed Opening

Grinding seeds allows lower-quality seeds to be included into the seed blend. The process easily masks these bad seeds and compromises the quality of the mixture. Grinding also causes beneficial oils and nutrients to be lost. However, Mila preserves the nutrients and maintains high-quality seeds by using a cold-fracture s ystem. This unique process opens the seed instead of grinding it. The system also does not increase temperature as the seed is opened. Higher temperatures would lead to oxidation or oxygen spoiling the seed.

More Nutritional Value 

The cold-fracture system also rids of the seed shell, which can inhibit nutrient absorption. People who consume chia seeds with the shell will not receive as many nutrients. The reason is because the shell is difficult to digest. Mila contains chia seeds that are stripped from their shell. As a result, your body will extract more nutrition and get the most out of the chia seeds. Other than the fact that Mila is highly concentrated in several nutrients, it's also gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free, and grown organically. A combination of these properties make Mila great for heart health, weight loss, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, mental health, bone health, menopause, anti aging, blood sugar, breast health, prostate health, and prenatal health. 

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