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Low Calorie Substitutions for High Calorie Cravings: Baby Corn Delight

Baby corn delight is a dish that is popular among people from the middle east and India--and while it may be delicious, it is not exactly low calorie. This article discusses why baby corn delight is so dangerous for you if you are interested in losing weight, and provides a healthier alternative to this popular recipe.

Traditional Baby Corn Delight

Before we actually begin to create a lower calorie, healthier version of baby corn delight, it is important to understand what is in the traditional version, and what makes the traditional version so unhealthy. Typically, baby corn delight is a recipe that involves frying canned baby corn in vegetable oil, and then serving with a sauce that has a roux base, and contains canned tomatoes, salt and other spices. So why is this recipe so unhealthy? It contains vegetables, it can't be that bad, right? Unfortunately, baby corn delight is not only extremely high in calories, but also contains high amounts of salt and fat, both of which have been linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke and even death.

Baby corn in and of itself is extremely high in calories--according to one popular brand of the product, a quart cup of baby corn can contain as many as 120 calories! 120 calories, especially for a vegetable, is an extremely high amount. Next, let's examine the sauce. As discussed above, the sauce that is served with the baby corn delight is made from a base of roux, which involves combining butter, milk and flour, and heating until thick. Butter is well known to be very high in calories--one tablespoon of it contains 100 calories. While milk is often seen as a healthy product, it too can be rich in calories, especially whole milk. Finally, the canned tomatoes which are then mixed into the roux often contain high amounts of salt. As discussed above, salt consumption can lead to numerous health concerns.

Lower Calories Baby Corn Delight

Now that we've discussed why baby corn delight is so dangerous for individuals who are trying to lose weight, we can begin to create a healthier version of the meal. Start by using fresh corn on the cob. This contains less calories--usually around 50 calories per cup of fresh corn. Use a sharp knife to cut the corn off the cob. Next, instead of frying it in oil, simply steam or boil it in order to cut back even more on calories. Finally, when making the roux, use milk that is either low or nonfat, and look for butter that has been made with no added salt. Making these changes in the recipe for baby corn delight will not only help you save a high amount of calories, but will also ensure an all-around healthier dish.

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