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Is Chia Good for Diabetics?

Chia is a type of seed well known to the Aztec, Mayan and Native American cultures. The word chia means strength because it gave those who ate it a feeling of strength and great stamina. Now, we know chia seeds to be a powerhouse of minerals, omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins the body needs. Chia seeds are making a slow comeback into mainstream foods, but another benefit is there as well. Chia seeds are very helpful when it comes to diabetes.


Diabetes is one of, if not the most prevalent disease in the United States. Diabetes affects how a body processes and handles sugar. For some it means that they need to ingest more sugar than normal because they process it faster than normal. For others, their bodies don't process sugar fast at all and too much can be very bad for them.

How Chia Helps Diabetics

Chia has the ability to help the body regulate carbohydrates and the sugars they turn into. When ingested, the chia seeds, in whatever form they were eaten, form a type of barrier inside the stomach. This barrier helps to slow the ingestion of sugar into the blood stream. This is especially helpful for diabetics who are unable to process sugars properly.

By regulating the speed at which sugar enters the blood stream, chia helps to keep a diabetic level and the glucose in their blood at proper levels. If there is too much sugar in a diabetics blood, they can feel sick and weak. One of the most extreme problems a diabetic faces is a diabetic seizure where they don't have enough sugar in their system. The addition of chia into the diet is an excellent way to help prevent that from happening.

Eating Chia

Chia seeds can be added to almost any recipe including a chia milk which can be drunk or eaten like a soup. One great way to get chia into your system is through chia paste. This is simple done by adding chia to a glass of water and stirring it. After about 30 minutes or so the seeds will be gone and a type of clear paste will be left. This is believed to be what happens in your stomach as the chia creates that barrier.

This paste can be directly eaten or added to other foods. Aside from the benefits, chia seems to be exactly what is needed to help someone with diabetes regulate their sugar intake. One other benefit from this barrier is a feeling of continued energy. Because the chia barrier is slowing the release of sugar into the system, the energy benefits become a continued, as opposed to a burst of energy that is followed by a fast crash.

Chia seeds were once the super food of many cultures. Now, it is slowly making a comeback and the added benefits to diabetics is a plus. Adding chia to the diet is easy to do. Just take a trip to your local health food store and pick some up and you can reap the benefits of this amazing food.

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