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In a Rush? Your Guide to Choosing Healthy Microwave Meals

Everyone can relate to the situation of being in a rush and being forced to eat microwave meals that are ready in a short time. You get home late from work, or you have to pick up your kids from their fourth karate class of the week, and you just have had no prep time to even think of what to prepare for dinner for your family. In those instances, you are grateful for a quick microwave meal, yet you may be so rushed that you don't even think about the health aspects of your meal.

Vegetarian Choices

While some people may be turned off at merely hearing the word "vegetarian," vegetarian choices are a healthy form of microwave meals. An example of the kinds of vegetarian microwave meals that are healthy are vegetarian meatballs and sauces. Vegetarian microwave meals, through their omission of meat, also omit the more unhealthy nutritional elements (higher carbs, higher caloric levels) that drive up the bad factors in most microwave meals. Another example is porridge, and while porridge is not really an example of a vegetarian microwave meal per se (although you may have it as a meal for breakfast), it contains no meat, so it is suitable as a food you cook in the microwave that is healthier for you.


While soups are not going to be agreed upon as a suitable meal choice for everybody, you can still turn the right kind of soup into a satisfying mealtime, perhaps for lunch or when you want a lighter dinner. However, to make sure your soup remains an alternatively healthy microwave meal, you must make sure that you select the right kind of soup. Thinner soups such as tomato soups and the like will be healthy microwave meals. On the opposite side of the spectrum, soups like potato soups are not as healthy for the evident fact that there is a lot of carb content in them. Other kinds of soups like heavy and creamy chowders or soups with a lot of heavy ingredients in them (like meat soups and ones which have pasta swimming in them) are also going to defeat the purpose of choosing a healthy microwave meal.

Nutritional Information

If you want to just pop in a microwave meal, you should really check the nutritional information on the back of the TV dinner box. There are certain kinds of microwave meals (like the above vegetarian choices) that do have lower harmful elements like carbs, sodium or calories. Even among such meals that do contain a meat ingredient, different types of meat will have lower carbs, salt content and calories when compared to other kinds of meat choices. Therefore, it's important to read and understand the nutritional information on the box.

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