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How to Work Off Post Holiday Weight Gain

Post holiday weight gain can be frustrating, but there are things you can do to get back on track. Clearing out the fridge, finding a workout buddy and trying a new form of exercise are a few ways that you can work off the holiday pounds.

Holiday Events and Weight Gain

The holidays make weight maintenance difficult for even the most disciplined people. Receiving invitations to the homes of numerous friends and relatives, not to mention attending work holiday parties, can easily lead to overeating.

In some situations during the holidays, politely turning down the offer of food can be very difficult. If your elderly relative has spent hours in the kitchen cooking for you, saying no to her may not be your idea of holiday fun. Besides, the food is often tempting and delicious.

Post Holiday Weight Loss Plan

Knowing that holiday weight gain is a common problem should help you to feel a little bit better about your predicament. Often it’s helpful to think through your weight loss plan as you’re heading into the holidays. You can prepare yourself for all of the food fun you’ll be having and know that as soon as the holidays are over, you have a strategy for taking the weight off through regular exercise and a lower calorie diet.

Find a Workout Buddy

Since many people struggle with packing on the pounds during the holidays, it might be easier to find a workout buddy during this time. Reach out to a friend, relative or co-worker to see if he or she would like to exercise with you several times a week. Post holiday workout buddies are especially helpful because they are usually motivated by the same goals and want to return to their ideal weight as soon as possible.

To spice up your post holiday workout, try a new exercise activity. Take a Zumba class, cycle outdoors, go hiking in a scenic location, join a new gym or invest in some home exercise equipment. Adding variety to your workout routine will help take your mind off of the weight gain, but still keep you motivated to work out on a regular basis.

Establish a Healthy Eating Routine

If you hosted large gatherings in your home during the holidays, you probably have leftover food and fattening pies in your kitchen. Be sure to clear out your fridge and kitchen immediately after the holidays. Let the guests take food home with them. Give the food away to homeless shelters. The more quickly you can stock your kitchen with healthier, low-calorie food options, the easier it will be to take off the weight.

A healthy post holiday weight loss plan might include limiting the number of times you eat out. You can better control your eating at home, so plan to grocery shop at least once a week and stock your fridge with healthy food options. Fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds and low-calorie snacks are good options.

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