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How to Say No to Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving dessert may be very tempting, but it may interfere with your fitness goals. In addition, if you are a guest in someone’s house, you may be too polite to refuse dessert and this may also be convenient as you crave for something sweet. However, in order to be able to keep your fitness goals firm and avoid gaining some pounds over the holiday, you have to be able to say no.

Be Polite

When you are a guest at a Thanksgiving dinner, you should be very polite when you refuse something the host has cooked. If you don’t want to share that you are on a diet when you refuse dessert, you will have to come up with a good excuse, so that you won’t upset the guest. You can say that you are simply too full after the delicious main course. Compliment the guest on the rest of the foods and try to taste a little of everything, but still stick to your diet, making sure not to overeat.

Be Determined to Refuse

You should be determined to refuse; if you are a bit tempted to accept the dessert, you should always bear in mind your fitness goals and why are you doing this (for your health, for your appearance, for your children). And, always remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can eat tomorrow too.  

What You Can Eat

If pumpkin cupcakes and pies are not allowed in your diet, you can still settle for a few other things during the Thanksgiving meal. You may eat steak (avoiding the dressing), salads (but avoid the dressing if possible) and plain pumpkin.

Think in Terms of Calories

You have to think in terms of calories. If for instance you can eat 1,800 calories per day, you should leave room for the Thanksgiving dinner and have only light snacks during the day. Reserve 1,500 calories for the dinner, as there will surely be things you want to eat.

Count your calories and if there is room for dessert, you can go for it. If you cannot refuse dessert, you can refuse a different dish and have dessert instead, but make sure you don’t eat more calories than you are allowed to. However, the pie that you will eat may ruin your diet.

Bring a Fruit Salad

If you have decided not to eat dessert at the Thanksgiving dinner, you may bring your own dessert (perhaps a piece of fruit) which is healthier than the pie or those colorful cupcakes. However, to avoid being too picky, you can bring a fruit salad so that there is enough for everyone and you won’t have to refuse the other dessert. You can let your host know before the dinner that you will be bringing some dessert, so they will know to prepare less for the dinner.

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