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How to Enjoy Low Calorie Foods

There are ways to enjoy low calorie foods. Simply chewing certain foods longer will sweeten their taste. Low calorie foods consist of many satisfying options, and whether your preference is sweet or savory foods, there is a way to enjoy your every meal.

Eat Slowly

The simplest way to enjoy low calorie foods, or any food, is to chew longer. Chewing food properly is essential for healthy digestion. It is also a large part of food enjoyment. When you rush through your meals, your body doesn't have a chance to truly taste the food. The longer you chew your food, the more enjoyment you will get out of seeing, smelling and tasting it. Some foods, complex carbohydrates for example, will taste sweeter the longer you chew them.

Low Calorie Desserts

Part of the challenge of dieting is in the initial stages when you first make the transition to lower calorie foods. If you are used to eating desserts, for example, cutting them out may leave you feeling deprived. Replacing your high calorie, flavorful ice cream with nonfat frozen yogurt may not seem like an inviting option. One way to make the transition is to add low calorie foods to your yogurt to spice up the flavor. Maybe top your frozen yogurt with strawberries or bananas to enhance the flavor. You may have to adjust the serving size of the yogurt to allow for any additional calories, but if you eat it slowly, you will enjoy a variety of flavors in your dessert.

Low Calorie Flavored Coffee

Another treat that is often eliminated when you're on a diet is your favorite flavored coffee. Syrup, cream and sugar can add calories to your morning coffee. You may be able to still enjoy coffee but with lower calorie options. For example, you can make your own coffee at home. Cream can be replaced with low- or non-fat milk or a milk substitute such as soy milk, rice milk or almond milk. Sugar calories can be eliminated through a no-calorie sugar substitute such as stevia. You can add your own vanilla flavoring at home to spice up your drink.

Low Calorie Savory Treats

If your challenge is not with sweets but with savory foods such as potato chips or pizza, you have alternatives. In place of regular potato chips, you could choose low-salt baked potato chips. Low-salt popcorn is also a low calorie alternative as long as you go easy on the butter. As for pizza, make your own quick version at home using ready-made pizza bread, an English muffin or pita bread. Top it with spaghetti sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese.

When trying to cut down on calories, it is useful to think of ways to replace the same flavors and textures that you enjoy in the high calorie foods. Be creative. Experiment with different combinations to see what works for you. Over time, your taste buds will adjust to your new food choices. Also be sure to eat slowly and chew your food enough to get the most enjoyment out of your meals.

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