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Healthy Cereal: Organic Bran vs. Regular Bran

If you go into any cereal aisle inside any grocery store or supermarket these days, you will be greeted with an almost overwhelming choice of cereals. There are cereals for kids, cereals for people with certain conditions, or cereals for people who just want to eat healthier. Among this selection, you may not necessarily know right away which cereal to purchase for yourself, but if you have narrowed it down to just two--organic bran cereal versus regular bran--then you are trying to make a decision based on the health merits of either one. The right kind of cereal can mean the difference between starting your day out right or just coasting through the day.

Organic Bran Cereal

Organic bran cereal is a type of cereal which is made using whole grains. Right off the bat, this cereal is healthier just for the fact that it uses whole grains. Sometimes, manufacturers of cereals are sly and pass off processed grain as whole grain, when processed grain really is less healthy and inferior. Cereal of this kind is also plentiful in fiber, as well as soluble fiber. Fiber is what your body needs to promote good bowel movements and generally cleanse out your digestive tract of waste. Besides the possibility that organic bran cereal helps to reduce your chance of colon cancer (because of its fiber content), the presence of soluble fiber helps to also fight heart disease. Probably the most impressive benefit of an organic bran cereal is that its grains are grown on organic farms. This means that your cereal is all-natural and contains no toxic preservatives or chemicals.

Regular Bran Cereal

Regular bran cereal is composed primarily of the outer layer of any kernel of grain. This information is important in establishing the health benefits of regular bran cereal, since the outer layer is exactly where many of the nutrients, as well as fiber, can be found. Because of its unusually high, insoluble fiber content, regular bran cereal does wonders for your digestive system. Eating a daily bowl of such cereal can most likely ensure that you never suffer from constipation, because the bran creates bulk, which encourages your bowels to move efficiently. Bran also is a colon cancer fighter because it improves your stool speed. Consequently, this movement of stool makes sure that the waste in your bowels doesn't stick around to stagnate, which can create cancer-causing carcinogens.


There is no question that both organic bran cereal and regular bran cereal contribute to your health, but they do so in different ways. It's simply a matter of preference and priority to decide which one to eat.

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