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Egg Yolk Omelets vs. Egg White Omelets

Making a healthy omelet can be a difficult process. One of the most difficult choices involves deciding whether or not to include egg yolks in the omelet. While egg yolks are rich in fat, they also contain most of the flavor associated with eggs. In order to get an omelet that is both healthy and delicious, consider using EggBeaters or a variety of herbs and spices in your omelet.

Fat and Cholesterol

One of the biggest differences between egg yolk omelets and egg white omelets is a high amount of fat in the egg yolk version. Almost all of the fat found in an egg is located in the yolk. High amounts of dietary fat are dangerous not only in the risks of the development of obesity, but also in regards to the possible development of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other life-altering conditions. If you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions or have a family history of them, you should avoid egg yolks as much as possible.

Egg yolks have also be found to contain high amounts of dietary cholesterol, which can lead to the development of a number of serious health conditions that can be life threatening. While there are certain medications that can be used to lower cholesterol, the best way to fight high cholesterol levels is to avoid their consumption altogether.

Making Healthy Egg Yolk Omelets

The yolks of eggs are filled with fat, and are considered to be the "unhealthy" part of a egg. However, people are often hesitant to remove the yolk from their eggs due to a fear that there will be a major decrease in the flavor of the food. If you are dead-set against removing the entire egg yolk from your eggs, you may be able to keep some of the yolk while still getting a healthy product. This can be done in a variety of ways.

The best way is to look for EggBeaters, or other types of egg substitute products, that are cholesterol and fat free. While these products have a flavor similar to that of traditional eggs, the fat content is practically zero. Even as more people are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, more varieties of egg substitute products are being created by food manufacturers. Experiment with different brands and flavors in order to find the product that works best for you.

Making Tasty Egg White Omelets

Those who aren't willing to try egg substitutes should consider spicing up egg white omelets in order to make them more palatable. This can be done by adding a variety of fresh vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes or other similar products. Adding spices to your egg white omelets, such as basil, rosemary and other herbs can make a tasty omelet that is not only healthy but is also surprisingly delicious. Using herbs and spices instead of salt ensures that weight gain will be kept to a minimum.














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