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Diet Soda: Can It Actually Cause Weight Gain?

If you drink diet soda often, you may be at risk for weight gain. The problem with diet soda is that many people turn to it because they want to lose weight. But diet soda is not actually the best drink in the world for you. It contains artificial sweeteners that, many times, can actually force you to crave more soda. If that occurs, you're likely to drink more soda and, as a result, take in more calories than you really should. Think about this the next time you reach for a diet soda and try to think about alternatives. Here are some of the reasons that scientists and doctors believe that diet soda may actually cause you to gain weight.

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Why Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain

Though experts have not studied the effect that diet soda has on the human body extensively, they have done a lot of research on animals like rats to see how diet soda can affect weight gain. So far, scientists have found that diet soda may cause weight gain by actually tricking the brains of the rats. When the rats drink diet soda, the artificial sugar sweeteners have actually been found to trick the rats' brains into thinking that they are not full, even if they have eaten a meal. The sugar substitutes tell the rats' brains that they are receiving calories as a result of tasting the diet soda. But when the calories that the brain expects don't actually get into the body, the rats' bodies crave more food. This causes them to gain weight over time.

How Studies on Diet Soda May Help You

Here is how the animal tests on diet soda may help you: If your body reacts to diet soda like it does to the rats' bodies, you drink diet soda with a meal but you never really feel like you are full. As a result, you're drinking the diet soda but you're actually eating more than you would if you were drinking a regular soda. You may overeat during these meals, and you may gain weight as a result. Again, scientists are continuing to do more studies to try and see how diet soda affects the human body. But you should be mindful of these tests and think about them the next time you drink diet soda.

Alternatives to Diet Soda

If you are really serious about maintaining your weight or losing weight in the future, you should think about substitutes for diet soda. The best thing that you can drink is water. The body requires water in order to rehydrate and to maintain internal organ functions. If you don't like plain water, try to find beverages that are low in calories. If you're intent on drinking diet soda, though, drink it in moderation and be mindful of how much diet soda you drink every day. It may be having an affect on your weight and on your health. If you can cut diet soda out of your diet and replace it with a healthier drink, you will be doing your body a huge favor.

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