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Chocolate Milk Mix: Enhancing the Nutritional Value

Chocolate milk mix, often packed full of sugary carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, becomes much healthier and nutritionally balanced by adding protein powder supplements. Adding water rather than milk provides another way to decrease the amount of calories and offset the unsound nutritional additives in the milk mixes.

Adding More Good

Chocolate milk mix provides individuals with a sweet treat, and often times nothing more. Protein powders, made in a variety of flavors, serve as a perfect additive to the chocolate milk powders. By adding a protein supplement, the powders become a feasible source of protein in a nutritionally sound diet; however, some milk mixes will still contain high amounts of sugar and fat, so consuming less serves as a better option.

Most protein powders, just like chocolate milk mix, blend well with all liquids. By combining the two before liquid becomes added, one powder substance has the ability to fully blend into the other, making for a storable and ready to mix, protein packed sweet drink.

Reducing the Bad

Rather than mixing the chocolate milk powder with white or chocolate milk, using water as the liquid substitute will dramatically reduce the total calories, sugars and fats within the drink, all while keeping the healthy additives intact; none of the vitamins or minerals offered in the original chocolate milk mix get removed or reduced with the addition of water.

Mixing the drink powder with milk only adds more calories, an in cases of whole fat milk varieties, extra saturated fats and even more calories. Although the drink appears less appealing with water rather than milk, the sugary mix still has a powerful flavor regardless of the liquid substitute.

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