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Can Black Tea Be Used as a Dietary Supplement?

Black tea is a type of tea which is made from the Camellia sinensis, a species of plant that is a favorite in Chinese tea production. Coming with more oxidation that white tea, oolong tea or green tea, black tea has a stronger flavor and features more caffeine than other teas which have less oxidation. Black tea is so strong and potent that a characteristic of it is that it keeps its flavor for several years while other forms of tea usually last only up to one year. Black tea is the most popular form of tea in the West, accounting for 90 percent of sales. Despite its health benefits which have been dependably documented, black tea cannot be used as a dietary supplement.

Too Small a Degree of Substances

Dietary supplements are defined as products which contain vital minerals, amino acids, vitamins and substances that are intended to be used to supplement your usual consumption of these essentials. With black tea, it would be difficult to comfortably promote it to the distinction of a dietary supplement because of the small degree in which substances that your body needs are present in black tea. In example, while black tea features the presence of sodium, fats and protein--all of which are fine in moderate amounts but potentially lethal in excessive amounts--there presence is quite small. Therefore, you cannot supplement your daily, recommended intake values for the aforementioned just by drinking black tea in its place. If you even attempt to do so, it is more than likely that you would end up becoming deficient in these substances.

Health Benefits no Substitute for Actual Supplement

While black tea is rich in the documented health benefits that it possesses, these are by no means a substitute for the supplements that it lacks. Black tea has been thought to help prevent diabetes in some research studies, while it has also been proven to help boost your immune system. The hormone called cortisol produces stress if its is present in high levels; studies have shown that drinking black tea can lead to reducing these high levels during episodes of stress. While all these health benefits are fine and dandy, that fails to qualify black tea as suitable material for an actual dietary supplement.

Real Dietary Supplements

Since black tea is not good enough to provide adequate levels of vital substances to actually make a legitimate dietary supplement, you should just go and buy real dietary supplements instead. Dietary supplements come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days from pills to tablets, liquids to powders, and capsules to even shakes. Popular health stores such as the GNC chain of food stores have a whole assortment of these dietary supplements, should you be interested in getting your vitamins and minerals in this way. Finally, keep in mind that supplements are never meant to cure or treat disease, but merely to give you essential substances that you are missing in your diet.

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