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5 Health Benefits of Chia Milk

Chia milk comes from a grain that grows naturally in the wild, and is then harvested and soaked with water, honey, and other seeds. Chia milk is increasing in popularity due to its numerous health benefits. This article discusses some of the most important ways that chia milk works to make you an all-around healthier person.

Contains Fiber

Chia milk is a rich source of dietary fiber, which is important for several reasons. First, fiber is slow digesting, meaning that it takes a long time for it to leave the stomach and enter the digestive tract. This is important because it helps to keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Secondly, fiber is porous, meaning that as it moves through the digestive tract, it absorbs water, chemicals, and other compounds and aids in their excretion. This is especially important if you suffer from constipation as it can lead to softer stools. Finally, research has also found that dietary fiber can decrease the incidence of colon cancer, as the fiber traps compounds in the colon that can lead to the development of the condition and aid in their excretion.

Contains Protein

Another great health benefit of chia milk is that it contains high levels of healthy protein. Unlike the protein found in beef, pork, and even poultry, the protein found in chia milk is unsaturated. This means that it lacks the properties that typically contribute to heart disease, stroke, and even some cancers. Dietary protein is essential to both increase and maintain muscle growth, and can also contribute to energy stores during long or intense periods of exercise. Finally, this "healthy" protein creates a feeling of satiety, resulting in less overeating at meal times. Chia milk makes a great alternative to meat products for vegetarians who are looking for a way to include more protein in their diet.

Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good health, and are found in abundance in chia milk. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of healthy fat which have been found to treat and even reverse the effects of hypercholesterolemia, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease. As more research is done on omega-3 fatty acids, their role in supporting good health is becoming more and more obvious.

Contains Calcium

Chia milk is also a rich source of dietary calcium. Like many of the above mentioned topics, calcium is important for good health for a variety of reasons. First, calcium is essential for strong bones and healthy teeth. Secondly, research has found that calcium can help to prevent the development of obesity. Therefore, chia milk is a great alternative for vegans who do not consume milk products.

Gluten Free

Unlike many dairy products, chia milk is gluten free. Thus, if you are either allergic to gluten or simply do not like to include it in your diet you can get various health benefits from this milk without consuming gluten.


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