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4 Uses of Agave Sweetener

Agave sweetener is being used in a variety of new ways, from baking to adding it to home-cooked meals and beverages. This is because agave sweetener has some great nutritional benefits for anyone that typically uses sugar to sweeten their foods and drinks. And while you need to be careful about just how much you use to do your baking and such, in order to avoid any potential negative side effects, there are plenty of health-conscious uses for agave sweetener.

1. It Sweetens Food and Drinks

If you enjoy baking or you just like a little extra sweetness in your cup of tea, agave sweetener is an alternative to sugar that allows you to sweeten up anything you eat or drink. Unlike artificial sweeteners, agave sweetener is a natural product that is found in agave plants in Mexico. Though it's refined and processed to an extent, it's one of the safer choices if you're considering using a sugar alternative.

2. It Can Help You Lose Weight

Unfortunately, agave sweetener, like sugar, does contain calories. It's not a low-calorie or no-calorie artificial sweetener that's going to help you lose weight by cutting calories. However, many no-calorie sweeteners have their disadvantages, one being that they don't satisfy your hunger because they have no calories. As a result, you can actually gain weight by using some of these sweeteners. Agave sweetener, however, contains calories and is 40 percent sweeter than regular sugar. This means that you can use less agave sweetener than you would sugar and you can actually cut calories this way.

3. It Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

When you sweeten foods and drinks with either sugar or some other type of artificial sweetener, there's a good chance that you're affecting your blood sugar level. Because many of these products have a high glycemic index, they affect your blood sugar levels and throw them off. Over time, this can help your body develop diabetes, a disease that requires you to monitor your blood sugar levels at all times. However, agave sweetener has a low glycemic index. So when you use agave sweetener, your body will gradually break down the energy provided and distribute it more slowly into your bloodstream. As a result, you won't get a sugar rush and your body's blood sugar levels will stay relatively balanced.

4. It Can Replace Your Syrup

Outside of just using it to change your diet, agave sweetener is becoming popular as a syrup that can be poured over foods like pancakes. It's also a sweetened alternative to syrup and may be a welcome change for you and your family.

Agave sweetener has many uses that can help you switch up your diet and provide health benefits. As with any sugar-related product, though, you should use it in moderation to avoid potentially negative side effects. If you do that, agave sweetener makes for a nice change of pace when compared to sugar.

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