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4 Healthier Bread Options for Your Sandwich

Everyone enjoys a good sandwich every now and then, even dieters. But, if you're watching your weight or monitoring your consumption of carbohydrates, you might think eating a sandwich would wreck your diet. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Thankfully, these days it's easy to prepare a sandwich with healthier bread that contains less calories and carbohydrates.

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Most sandwiches are high in fat and calories because of the bread they're prepared with, not because of the ingredients inside the sandwich. While one serving, or one slice, of bread might only contain 90 to 100 calories, your sandwich doesn't contain just one serving of bread. Remember, you need two slices, which means the bread might add anywhere from 200 to 250 calories to your sandwich. The key to lowering the calorie count of your sandwich is to use whole or sprouted grain bread that is sliced thin and high in fiber.

1. Light Bread

Most supermarkets stock light versions of your favorite bread brands. The light versions usually taste the same as their higher calorie counterparts. The difference is companies slice the light versions much more thinly than they do regular bread. By doing so, bread manufacturers are able to drastically reduce the amount of calories in the bread. Most light breads contain 50 to 60 calories per slice, which is half the calories found in a slice of regular bread.

2. Sandwich Thins

You can also find sandwich thins at the supermarket. Sandwich thins resemble burger buns, except, as you might guess, they are much thinner. Food companies have designed sandwich thins specifically for sandwiches and contain only 100 calories each. In addition, you can find whole wheat or whole grain sandwich thins that are also high in fiber.

3. Low Carbohydrate Wraps

While not exactly a sandwich, you might enjoy your favorite sandwich wrapped together in a low carbohydrate, high fiber wrap bread or tortilla. They're a great option because they're low in calories and high in fiber. Most wraps contain somewhere between 60 to 70 calories per bread and at least 10 g of fiber. You'll not only save a ton of calories, but you'll also pack in a lot of fiber that will help with appetitive control. Remember to look for a wrap bread or tortilla that says low carbohydrate and high fiber on the package. Most conventional wrap breads are much higher in calories and contain little to no fiber.

4. Lettuce Wrap

If you don't want to consume any carbohydrates, then you could consider wrapping your sandwich in a large iceberg lettuce leaf. While iceberg lettuce doesn't taste anything like bread, lettuce will still hold your sandwich together in the same way bread would. Best of all, your lettuce wrap will shave tons of calories off your sandwich. For best results, pick a leaf of lettuce that is especially big and thick so your sandwich won't fall apart in your hands.

Choosing healthy bread is only one step in creating a low calorie sandwich. Be careful not to load up your sandwich with high fat deli meats or high calorie toppings or condiments.

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