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3 Unusual Healthy Salad Toppings

A healthy salad topping can contribute to a longer life. It usually involves something as common and mundane as nuts, cheese, or perhaps some fruits. However, topping your mundane salad with something unexpected can go a long way toward spicing it up with a little excitement. Putting an unusual topping on your greens can also inspire you to eat more salad. This may reinvigorate your palate that has gotten used to just the same old flavors. Read the following list of 3 unusual, healthy salad toppings if you want to add some variety, and therefore also spice, into your boring, old salad.

1. Artichokes

While you may be used to eating artichokes in the form of their hearts which you dip in olive oil, they also make a versatile topping for your salad. The use of artichokes as a healthy salad topping can elevate your salad to something even more interesting. The advantage to artichokes is that they are both low calorie as well as being low carb, so you have two reasons right off the bat to incorporate this as an unusual salad topping. You should be careful, however, not to cheat when including this vegetable as your new, unusual salad topping. Varieties that have been stored in jars have usually been marinated in oil, which defeats the whole health conscious purpose. Choose fresh artichokes instead, and also enjoy the benefits of increased antioxidants in your salad.

2. Salsa

Salsa is so unusual as a topping for your healthy salad because it is more often thought of and used as an accompanying dip for tortilla chips. These tortilla chips are already high in carbs because of their composition. So instead of wasting salsa as a dip for fattening chips, use it as a topping on your salad. In particular, choose a hearty tomato salsa over your greens. Salsa is lower in sodium than some salad dressings. Despite the fact that you should be wary of many packaged food products, packaged salsa does not include any added fats. With salsa as a topping on your healthy salad, you get the bonus of increased flavor right away without the costs of added sodium or fats, not to mention the benefit of more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3. Edamame

After you have succeeded at finally perfecting the pronunciation of edamame, it's time to add them as your next unusual topping to your salad. Not many people are familiar with this food. It is one of the perfect, very unusual alternatives to include as a topping. Edamame is basically just baby soybeans that you can buy in their pod. The praiseworthy benefit to including this on your salad is that you receive nearly the same quantity of protein that you get in animal products, but you do not get the undesirable factor that accompanies animal products, which is all of that saturated fat.

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