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3 Keys to Choosing the Best Protein Bar

There are, essentially, 3 keys to choosing the best protein bars, and they all revolve around knowing exactly what your goals are and what you need to achieve them. Depending on these goals, there are many different types of protein bars available on the market today. Making sure you pick the one that is right for you is paramount to reaching any goals you have set for yourself.

1. Targeting Weight Loss

Aside from a healthy diet and exercises, a properly placed protein bar here and there can do wonders for any weight loss program. These types of bars are designed to boost your metabolism so you are able to burn off calories faster and with more efficiency. When looking for protein bars to help with this, you want a bar with the following criteria:

  • High in Protein
  • Low in fat
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Low in calories

There are many different brands on the market, so be sure to read the labels very carefully so you know you are getting a protein bar to help with your weight loss program.

2. Bulking Up

This is a category mainly looked into by bodybuilders and athletes as it is designed to provide as much energy as possible in a single protein bar. These types of protein bars are loaded with energy producing nutrients and proteins so these athletes can get the most out of a single workout or perform their best at a competition. Protein bars that fall into this category will contain:

  • High protein counts
  • High carbohydrate amounts
  • Lower sugar levels
  • Lower fat levels

These types of protein bars are outstanding supplements to a weight gaining regimen. Again, be sure to read the labels so you know you are getting a protein bar designed to build mass and gain performance.

3. Full Meal Replacements

This particular category can fall under two types of products. One is still a protein bar while the other is a protein powder. They both achieve the same basic result; however, they are used slightly differently. Meal replacements are designed to give you all of the nutrients and vitamins you would get from an entire meal. Many people use protein powders in the morning, mixed with milk or juice as an option for breakfast.

  • Protein Powders - These normally come in very large jars and are mixed with milk or juice. These may be used twice a day as a replacement to two different meal periods. The most common are breakfast and lunch.
  • Protein Bars - These serve the same purpose, but are designed to be used when there isn't the time or the ability to have a meal, and powders are not easily available. Most people use this type of meal replacement just before a bodybuilding workout or while they are not at home.

Regardless of why you need a protein bar, there is one available to fit your needs. As always, know your own goals and be sure to read the labels so you know you are getting the best protein bar for you.

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