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3 Ideas for Vegan Cake

A perfect way to finish an amazing vegan meal is by following it up with a delicious vegan cake. Making a vegan cake may be a challenge to a non-vegan or a person new to the vegan diet. This is because cakes are commonly made from milk, eggs and butter. A person who has been a vegan for a long while may have already mastered the substitution skills needed to stick to a vegan diet. However, if you're a newbie, don't despair. Here are some I-can't-believe-it's-vegan ideas for a vegan cake.

1. Use Butter Substitutes

A commonly used ingredient for baking is butter. So how do you make your favorite cake without butter? Easy enough; use a butter substitute. There are various vegan spreads or margarines that taste wonderful. They are in fact, better than butter because they are healthier. They are non-hydrogenated and some are organic too. They are great for baking especially for recipes that call for oil such as brownies, vegan carrot cakes and lemon pound cakes.

These butter substitutes may not be readily available in your local store, but you can always order them online.

2. Find a Vegan Liquid Dairy Substitute

Cake or frosting on cakes usually requires milk--buttermilk, evaporated milk, cream etc. Usually, cake recipes that call for these ingredients just need a form of liquid. The best milk to replace regular milk with is soy milk. Almond milk is a good substitute too.

For example, if you're planning on making a pumpkin pie that requires evaporated milk, you can make your own evaporated milk from, let's say, soy milk. Simply boil the soy milk under medium heat until the liquid is reduced to more than a half while stirring constantly.

If a cake requires creams, you can use coconut cream. Coconut cream is the thick liquid on top of a coconut milk. You can also use soft tofu as a substitute for light cream.

For recipes that call for buttermilk, you can use soy milk and lemon juice. A vegan sour cream mixed with water can also be a great substitute for buttermilk. For a cake that calls for sour cream, again, there's the vegan sour cream that you can use. You can also use soy yogurt.

3. Egg Substitutes are Your Best Bet

What if the most out-of-this-world, phenomenally delicious chocolate cake recipe you found requires an egg for an ingredient? If you're a vegan, will that stop you? Certainly not! Eggs are definitely replaceable. There are various commercial egg substitutes that are guaranteed to help solve your problems. An extra word of caution--follow the instructions on the box. Otherwise, things can really start to get tricky.

You can also use tofu--blended extra smooth--as a substitute for eggs. It has almost the same texture as an egg. Usually, 1/4 cup of silken tofu can replace an egg in any cake recipe.


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