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Four Unexpected Foods that Contain Trans Fat

It is important to stay away form trans fat when leading a healthy eating lifestyle. This is because trans fat has been proven to raise your bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol, which can result in heart disease. Hydrogen is added to vegetable oil in order to create trans fat, because it is harder than oil alone and helps to keep processed foods fresh for longer period of time. Although many manufacturers have stopped using trans fat, there are still plenty of products on the market that contain the life threatening ingredient.

Granola Bars

Believe it or not, some granola bars contain trans fat. You won’t see this indicated in the nutrition label, because they aren’t required to disclose it if it contains less than .5 grams of the stuff in each serving. However, the truth of the matter is that some granola bars contain partially hydrogenated oils, which means they contain trans fats, plain and simple.

Saltine Crackers

Again, you won’t see this fact on the nutrition label, but its right there in the ingredients list; partially hydrogenated oils. Even the low-salt version contains this harmful ingredient. Make sure you read the nutrition label and the ingredients label if you are in doubt.


Not only is most margarine encased with trans fat, but it is also high in saturated fat, both of which can lead to heart disease and strokes. While some manufacturers have taken the time to indicate on their package that the product contains zero grams of trans fat, there is always a chance that the ingredient list will tell you something different. It is possible to find a margarine that does not contain hydrogenated oils, but the labels have to be read like everything else--never trust what the package tells you at first glance.


The bad news is that this product can save tons of time in the kitchen when it comes to cooking tons of different recipes, but the bad news is that it comes at a price to your health. It’s true; this product contains partially hydrogenated oils.

There are many things you can do to avoid these trans fats, but most of them require that you make the products yourself. Otherwise, consider switching up your regular recipes and replacing these products with completely different ingredients. For example, make a trail mix out of peanuts, raisins, chocolate chips and cereal instead of giving your children granola bars.

You can also eliminate saltines and instead make your own crustinis at home by simply cutting whole wheat bread into small pieces and baking it in the oven until its crisp but not burned. Or instead of using margarine on your potato as a topping, use a non-fat Greek yogurt. The tangy taste will really cover up the fact that you aren’t using butter.


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