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Set Daily Carbohydrate Goals - How To Reach Them

Everybody’s bodies require daily carbohydrate intake for efficient function. Three of the major nutrients include carbohydrates, fat and protein, with carbohydrates being the one used to produce energy. At least one third of our daily calories should come from carbohydrates in a nutritious diet, so setting a daily goal is important.

By setting a daily carbohydrate goal, you will insure a good and healthy life. Below are a few ways in which you can reach and maintain that goal.

Choose Fiber Enriched Complex Daily Carbohydrates

Daily carbohydrates rich in fiber are not only nutritious, but also help regulate digestion as well as keep you feeling full longer. Improving the immune system is another advantage of a fiber rich diet.

Go for a Low Glycemic Index

One way to insure getting the right carbohydrates is to find them on the glycemic index. Foods high on the GI chart are referred to as simple carbohydrates; these should be taken in small amounts. Foods low on the GI chart are called complex carbohydrates and is considered best for a healthy diet.

Eat Smaller and More Frequent Meals

Dividing your daily carbohydrate intake into at least six meals per day will help balance body fat and give you a constant source of energy. Take in the largest amount of carbohydrates at breakfast to replenish low blood sugar levels and give an extra burst of energy.

Create a Carbohydrate Goal and Chart Your Progress

No matter what your health goal may be, you should keep a daily carbohydrate chart to track your progress and know what your plan of action should be. You can utilize Fitday's online journal to track your daily food consumption. Create different charts for different times of the year, and include food intake and fat intake (especially around the holidays). This will not only keep you on track, but it will also help you stay motivated.

Set an Individualized Goal

The recommended daily carbohydrate intake varies with each person, so setting your individual goal is essential to achieve good health. A good nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle will get you there faster. Some ways to achieve good health is by monitoring your food intake, and by recording every bite into a daily food log. This will also help you meet the daily recommendations for nutrient intake by setting goals for daily carbohydrate intake.

Watch Those Calories

Avoid empty calories, such as those found in high carbohydrate foods like sugar and white bread. These will give you instant energy, but only for a short time. Find out what your calorie intake should be, and fill your diet with low, complex daily carbohydrates rich in fiber and protein. Once your daily calorie needs are determined, set your goals to meet those needs and stick to it.

Getting your daily carbohydrate intake under control is essential, and following the guidelines above will get you on the road to a happier and healthier life. If you need some motivation to stay on track, try getting your family involved, or find a friend and work with the buddy system. The point is to end up with a healthier lifestyle by setting daily carbohydrate goals and sticking to them.

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