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Is Your Body in Need of a Calorie Reduction?

A calorie reduction is synonymous with weight loss since weight gain is based on eating calories and also eating more calories than you burn. You can look at a few specific warning signs in your body if you want to really determine whether it is in need of a calorie reduction. If you can no longer see your feet because your stomach has swollen several inches in size, then it's a pretty good bet that you need a calorie reduction. If you feel short of breath every time you do what are generally easy tasks, like climbing some stairs or walking a certain distance, then that is likely another sign that your body needs a calorie reduction.

If You're Overweight

If you are overweight, then your body is in need of a calorie reduction. Being overweight just means that you are failing to burn as many calories as you take in each day. If you burn off enough calories per day, you will either not gain weight or even lose weight. If you are concerned about your health and survival, you should reduce your calorie intake as soon as possible since being overweight makes you susceptible to a whole bunch of deleterious conditions, such as cancer. A quick and easy way to combat being overweight is to simultaneously start exercising and eating right.

If You Have a Hard Time Doing Small Tasks

If you are experiencing a hard time doing small tasks that usually require little effort--such as going up some stairs or running a short distance--then it may well be that your body is in need of a calorie reduction. If you get winded easily or find yourself breathing hard after just a short time of movement, it is possible that you have excessive weight on your frame. In this instance, reducing your calorie intake will also equal weight loss for your body.

One of the best ways to start reducing your calories is by simply beginning to eat slower. If you eat slower, you will take in less calories because the intestines take the same amount of time to signal your brain that you are full, regardless of how much you eat in that time.

If Your Portion Sizes Are Too Big

If you are eating too much, then you need a calorie reduction. If you eat excessively, the best way to cut down on this is with a little bit of self-control and discipline. Begin to cut down the size of your portions so that you are not taking in a severe amount of calories. A fair trick to help you out with cutting portion sizes is by eating your meal in courses. Eating in courses allows you to pace yourself and include smaller portions per course.

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