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Why Celebrating Mini Goals Is Vital for Weight Loss Success

When you have 20 or more pounds to lose, celebrating mini goals is a fun way to make sure that you succeed. Mini goals help mark the little accomplishments along the way that add up to your total weight loss. If you just set one long goal line in the future, it's easy to falter and lack motivation. Yet, when you set your sights on one mini goal at a time, you learn just how easy it is to succeed at your goals.

Reasonable Mini Goals

When it comes to setting a mini goal for your weight loss plan, it's important to be realistic. Don't set a mini goal of losing a large amount of pounds in a short amount of time. In fact, your mini goals should largely be about things that you accomplish, not pounds that you'll lose. If you achieve your goal accomplishments, you should lose weight, anyway.

Some great mini goals include a certain amount of sets of weight lifting you'll be able to do within three weeks, maintaining a calorie budget for two weeks, working out for four times per week for at least thirty minutes or other easily measured, concrete fitness or weight loss goals.

Rewards for Mini Goals

One of the reasons that people who succeed at losing weight also succeed with mini goals is that they give themselves non-food rewards for meeting each goal along the way. For instance, every two weeks, if you've met your short-term goal, treat yourself to something special, whether it's a night on the town or an hour at the spa. Make sure the reward centers around your happiness, not around food.

Keeping Track of Mini Goals

Another reason that mini goals help dieters stay on the right track is that success is then measured and feels quite real. Without those mini goals to show you how well you are doing, it makes the long-term weight loss goals that much harder to achieve and that much further away.

To make sure that you reap the full benefits of mini goals, keep track of them in a journal. It could be a simple spiral notebook from the drug store, or you could invest in a beautiful journal from the bookstore that will inspire you. Whatever works for your tastes and budget is ideal.

Mini Goals Guiding Your Success

Mini goals should be put in place as a part of an overall diet and fitness plan. Simply setting small goals every week with no long-term goals isn't good. You first should establish your long-term goal, then break it down into what you can do as a mini goal on a weekly basis to continue to push yourself a bit further at a time and motivate yourself to stay on track. Never berate yourself if you miss a mini goal. There are many of them, and you are likely to meet the next one.



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