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The Abs Diet for Women: How You Can Eat All Day Long and Lose Weight

The Abs Diet for Women is designed to keep your body from starving in order to burn fat faster. When you allow yourself to eat all day, your body doesn't need to store the food as fat. This is the basic premise for the Abs Diet.

How it Works

The Abs Diet was designed on the premise that you need to prevent your body from going into survival mode in order to burn fat effectively. This is right on target with what most doctors and nutritionist will tell you. If you skip meals and starve yourself, while you may get some results up front, you are causing your body to believe it will not be fed again. When your body doesn't know when it will receive fuel again, it will store what it does get as fat. This will cause you to gain weight, instead of lose. With the Abs Diet you're encouraged to eat throughout the day to prevent your body from going into survival mode. When your body knows its next meal is coming, there's no reason to store excess fuel.

Eat the Right Foods

But before you start loading up on all your favorite snacks and treats, eating all day means eating the right foods. The Abs Diet shares their 10 superfoods with you that you base your healthy eating around. When you base your meals around whole grains, non-fat/low-fat dairy, lean meats and plenty of fruits and vegetables, you will stay full, meet your body's cravings and lose weight. You will also fuel your body for workouts that will build muscle and help convert fat to muscle. There are no outlawed foods, but remember the basic laws of weight loss: You need to burn more than your consume.

Workout Routine

As part of the diet, the Abs Diet for Women offers workout DVDs and information specifically designed for a workout that fits within the diet's guidelines. This workout session is 30 minutes long, 3 days a week. You can, of course, increase the amount of time that you exercise if you avidly cycle, run or just love to hit the gym. Just remember to fuel your body properly to handle the level of exercise you're doing.

Why it Works for Women

Women tend to hold more fat around the mid-section, including the hips, thighs, butt and tummy, than men. Because of this women have a harder time losing weight and fat. Belly fat in particular is dangerous and if left for too long can fill in the spaces around your organs which restricts them and can cause serious medical risks.

The Abs Diet isn't necessarily new in some of its techniques or ideas, but it does offer a specific diet and workout plan that work together to bring the results you're looking for. Because it's based on a solid workout base and healthy eating (instead of fad eating), you're more likely to get the results you're looking for and maintain them over the long-term.

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