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Rewarding Your Diet Success: Don't Reach for a Large Order of Fries

Your diet success is just like any other success, you will want to celebrate it. After all, you have resisted the urge to eat certain foods and have worked hard to change your eating patterns. You deserve a good reward. The problem, however, with reaching for a large order of fries, or any other high-calorie or high-fat food, is that you risk breaking the healthy eating patterns that you worked so hard to establish.

Your Diet Success

When it comes to dieting, success may be defined in a variety of ways. Maybe your goal was to lose 20 pounds in time for your best friend's wedding, or maybe you were motivated to go on a diet upon realizing that you no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever the original reason, once you have achieved your goal, where do you go from there?

Chances are that eating a large order of fries as a way of celebrating will not impact your life significantly in any way. The problem occurs when eating those fries leads to then having the ice cream and putting extra scoops of sugar in your coffee and so on. If you revert back to old ways of eating, you might find yourself in the same predicament as before. This often leads to yo-yo dieting, which is unhealthy for the body and the self esteem.

Healthy Ways to Reward Diet Success

Dieting can be stressful and the attraction to comfort foods as a form of celebration is common. The trick is to practice moderation. If you must have the fries, order a small size and share them with a loved one. You might also identify the tastes and textures you are missing and see if you can get the same enjoyment out of less fatty or caloric foods. You might, for example, slice up your own potatoes and use healthy oils and little salt to create your own version of fries.

An even better strategy, however, is to reward your diet success in ways that do not involve food. Maybe buy yourself your favorite pair of jeans to reward your now smaller size. Invest in home exercise equipment so that you don't have to battle the elements when exercising in the winter season. In celebration of your diet success, plan an outing with your family that invigorates your senses, such as hiking, sightseeing, going to a concert or seeing your favorite play or museum.

Find ways to celebrate your diet success that empower and inspire you to maintain your new weight. The ideal way to approach dieting is to establish eating patterns that you can sustain in the long term. Eating an order of fries won't hurt you, but allowing it to happen repeatedly might be self-defeating. You worked hard to take off the weight, so always keep that in mind when making food choices, even after you have reached your goals.

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