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Release Your Inner Child: Why Jump Roping Can Help You Lose Weight

Jump roping is a hallmark of growing up. From the first time you are introduced to it on the playground as a little kid, the concept of jump roping is perennially ingrained in your head as a fun, pastime activity that kids love to do for recreation. Some variations on this include a single person both turning and jumping the rope, or even as many as three participants being involved, with two turning the rope as one person jumps. Jump roping is already a popular form of exercise for serious athletes like wrestlers and boxers, all of whom appreciate its knack for making the arms and shoulders stronger while at the same time also building up footwork abilities.

Benefits of Jump Roping

Jump roping has been adopted by athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a serious and legitimate form of exercise because of the many, real-world benefits it provides that are a far cry from the elementary school activity it is sometimes exclusively seen as. If you have bad knees, but would still like to get all the benefits from running, then jump roping is your exercise of choice. It absorbs the impact of each step or jump through the balls of the feet as opposed to the heels of the feet. Because of this reality, the ground reaction force by way of the patellofemoral joint is significantly reduced. This means that your knees are less likely to suffer knee damage. The patellofemoral joint is the third joint in the knee, formed by the kneecap and the femur.

Why Jump Roping Equals Weight Loss

Jump roping, which is a form of cardio exercise, leads to weight loss because it is a calorie burner. On average, jump roping burns about 11 calories each and every minute that you do the exercise. The number of calories that you burn during a good jump roping exercise can be altered by your effort: If you increase the intensity and effort of your workout, you can easily take the rate of calories burned each minute up to around 20. On a minute-by-minute comparison, jump roping actually is a lot more effective than basic walking at burning calories. This is because jump roping is more intensive and requires more energy to do. Because of how it gets your heart pumping faster, jump roping is also a nice way to get in a cardiovascular exercise at the same time that you are burning off calories.

How to Jump Rope

Pick a reliable and well-constructed rope and adjust it to suit your height. Do some light stretching in preparation. Swing the rope over your body in a circular formation and then jump over the rope when it reaches your feet. If you are just incorporating jump roping into your routine, start light by only working towards five minutes of continuous jump roping.To keep things interesting as well as challenging, you should alternate by first doing non-stop jump roping for up to a minute, followed by a rest period of half a minute.

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