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Mountain Climbing: Is this Weight Loss Method for You?

Mountain climbing is an exciting and strenuous activity that may be for you if you possess core strength and are invigorated by a challenge. To climb mountains, you must possess tenacity, endurance and excellent cardiovascular health. The continuous and lengthy activity of mountain climbing will burn many calories and build your muscular strength.

Assessing Personal Fitness for Mountain Climbing

Before deciding on whether mountain climbing is the best weight loss method for you, first assess your personal fitness level. To climb a mountain, you must have strong legs, a stable back and a solid core for balance. Your heart must also be in healthy shape. You will be fighting gravity and withstanding higher altitudes, so all of these physical factors must be in place for you to sustain mountain climbing as a regular activity.

Making a Mountain Climbing Plan

You might decide that you are, indeed, excited by the prospect of climbing mountains on a regular basis. This activity can be quite invigorating. You are outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and in many cases, taking in beautiful views. To enjoy the process, you must be up for the task. If you have never climbed a mountain before, you will want to first make a plan.

A plan for climbing mountains should include incremental steps. If climbing is new to you, you might want to start off by hiking up steep hills first. Once you have mastered that, you can choose a small mountain. As you progress along your plan, you will notice specific aspects of your fitness level that may be in need of attention. For example, it might be the case that you need to strengthen your core further in order to maintain better balance and to stabilize your back. These are things that you can do gradually as you progress along your mountain climbing plan.

Gauging Your Level of Tenacity

To climb a mountain, you have to have a tenacious personality. Once you are in the middle of your climb up a mountain, there is no place to go but up or down. This is a different scenario from a gym where if you absolutely do not want to exercise anymore, you can simply stop. With mountain climbing, you have to have the tenacity to push through difficult times. Your body might want to stop, but depending on the particular climb, you might not have that luxury.

Engaging the Mind in Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an excellent way to lose weight. It can be all-engaging. Once you are in the middle of a climb, you might be so invested in getting to the top that you cannot and will not want to stop. Your will to complete your climb and to see the scenic view from the top might push you to keep going despite all physical challenges.

When deciding if mountain climbing is for you, ask yourself if you are in the physical shape or have the desire to become fit enough to engage in this type of strenuous activity. If it appeals to you, make a plan and use your tenacity and strength of will to climb mountains, and lose weight in the process.

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