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Is Your Diet Healthy?

When creating weight loss goals for your diet that include changes to what you eat and how much you exercise, it is easy to put those ideas down on paper. But once that program is put into practice, you might start to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Determining whether your current activities might be unhealthy requires a look at all facets of your diet program.

Are Your Goals too Ambitious

Losing weight safely and steadily requires dedication and time, but in your zeal to lose weight, your weight loss goals might be too ambitious. Trying to lose weight too quickly may result in over-exercising and may create fatigue that can sabotage efforts to keep exercise a healthy and daily part of your diet.

Because losing weight requires that you reduce calorie intake and participate in daily exercise, taking the two to the extreme may halt healthy weight loss and cause your body to believe that it is starving or under duress.

Are You Eating Quality Foods

Simply reducing the number of calories you eat each day might allow for some swift initial weight loss, but if the quality of the food you eat is unhealthy, you might be doing your body more harm than good. Reducing your caloric intake is only a small part of redesigning your diet. You must also pay close attention to your body’s required nutrients to ensure that you’re receiving the right level of vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Eating 1200 calories worth of potato chips might net you the right amount of calories eaten for the day, but the missing nutrients and vitamins can be quite detrimental to lasting, healthy weight loss. You’ll generally be eating less on a diet plan and that means you’ll need to include densely nutritious foods as a part of your diet to make sure your intake is healthy and balanced despite its reduced calorie count.

Are You Exercising too Much?

While it is a lofty goal to train for a marathon or engage in a type of extreme sport as part of your exercise plan, it is important to listen to how your body feels at the end of a week of ruthless and determined exercise. Since you’ll likely be consuming fewer calories as a part of your weight loss plan, this means your exercise plan may be especially punishing to your body.

The best way to determine whether you’re exercising too much is to consider how your body feels at the end of a week’s worth of exercise. Tiring yourself out once a week during a really long exercise session will have no lasting unhealthy effects, but exercising too much each day may lead to fatigue and injury.

Conversely, paying attention to how your body feels can also allow you to determine whether you can add exercise to your routine – or reduce calorie intake.

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