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How to Lose Weight with Twitter

Twitter is a social networking website, but it can also be a tool to help you lose weight. Twitter is pretty easy to navigate. Register by providing a few facts about yourself, including your email address. You pick a username. You can then start "following" people and have people "follow" you. The thing that makes Twitter unique is that all individual updates must be done in 140 characters or less, and Twitter is asking the question, "What are you doing?" with every update that you make.

Twitter as a Blog

While Twitter will never be an appropriate place to make long blog entries or even compose a paragraph, Twitter can work well as a weight loss blog because you don't have to make a lot of time for it. You can use it to simply keep track of what you are doing. For instance, you can quickly Tweet from a smart phone (using services such as Tweetie, an application that makes using Twitter even easier on the go). Consider tweeting when you eat (and how much you eat), and then tweet when you exercise (and for how long). If you opt to use Twitter in this manner, you typically will want to make your entries private. That's an option that Twitter provides, but you have to set your account as private on the Twitter website.

Twitter Friends

On the other hand, you may opt to follow friends who have decided to use Twitter in the same way. With a features that allows you to "list" groups of friends together, you may opt to create an entire list of others who are on the weight loss journey. You may want to tone down the amount of information provided publicly on Twitter regarding your weight loss, or you may opt to share as part of a group that motivates each other by keeping track of progress. That's the way many in-person weight loss support groups work. Adapting it for Twitter support is pretty easy.

Inspirational Tweets

Follow people on Twitter who are inspiring to you in your weight loss journey. Many celebrities are also battling the buldge, and many of them have chosen to share their journeys on Twitter. Following them can make you feel that they're a part of your support group, and who doesn't want celebrities in their corner? Although not the best of friends, two Twitter posters Kirstie Alley and Perez Hilton post inspiring updates about their journeys with fitness. Perez Hilton posted, "I am going to look so good shirtless next 4th of July! Just had an amazing pilates class. Working on my fitness! Go! Go! Go!" On November 14, 2009. Kirstie Alley also updates as she films a weight loss reality show and prepares to release a weight loss line of products. She often tweets about her personal weight loss efforts and work out experiences.

Keep It Fun

Remember that you're using Twitter to lose weight. It's there for you, and you can use it any way that you want it. If it starts to make you feel pressured or get off track, you can always opt to delete your account. Twitter makes this process very easy, as opposed to other social networking websites. More likely than not, though, you'll be able to have a lot of fun losing weight with Twitter.

Simply remember to never reveal private information on a public social networking website. For instance, if you're going to the park for a run by yourself, you never want to announce which park and where you're near for safety reasons.

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