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How to Lose 10 lbs with Dance Cardio

Obesity is becoming a problem for more and more people--and while some people turn to weight lifting in an attempt to lose the pounds, others turn to more unique methods such as dance cardio. This article discusses important considerations you should keep in mind in order to lose 10 pounds with dance cardio.

Find a Great Studio

One of the most important steps you can take if you are interested in losing 10 pounds with dance cardio is finding a great studio that offers a wide variety of different classes. Talk with your friends and family members, and tell them that you are interested in trying dance cardio as a way to lose weight. They may be able to provide you with a great reference, or could at least point you in the right direction.

Once you actually get a few references, go and check the gyms out yourself. Even though your friends, family members or coworkers may think that a particular gym is great, doesn't mean that it is necessarily right for you. Make sure to collect a lot of information about the types of classes that they offer, their fees and any additional amenities.

Find a Great Class, and Stick to It

Once you actually find a great studio that you believe is right for you, it is essential that you find a couple of different dance cardio class that you not only feel will help you lose weight, but that you also enjoy. Finding classes that are fun to attend is probably more than half of the battle. In order to lose weight, you actually need to move your body. And if you do not enjoy the class, chances are likely that you will begin finding more and more excuses not to go. Talk with the management at the studio, and see if you can check out a few classes before committing to them.

Track Your Progress

Finally, in order to successfully lose 10 pounds with dance cardio, it is very important that you track your progress to your final goal. To do this, start a journal that keeps track of your current weight, your exercise for each day, and the amount of calories that you eat. While this last part can be difficult, it is essential to achieve your ultimate goal. Remember that in order to lose one pound of weight, you must eliminate 3500 calories from your diet--so in order to lose this much weight in a week, you must cut 700 calories from your body each day. By engaging in dance cardio for one hour, you can conservatively expect to burn around 300 calories. Therefore, you must find 400 calories somewhere else in your diet that you can cut.

Be sure to track all of your progress in the journal. This way, if you start to plateau, you can look back into the journal and examine where you can make some changes in either your diet or current activity level.

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