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Hate the Gym? Lose Weight the Fun Way

Going to the gym to lose weight isn't for everybody. It's easy to feel judged with all of the already fit people checking themselves out as they do their cardio and weight lifting; the smell of gym lockers certainly isn't going to motivate very many people to burst through its doors. Yet, the gym does offer consistent opportunity to work out. Guess what? So do many other things. Forget the expensive gym memberships. You can get moving and have fun at the same time.

Fun Places

First of all, consider the activities that you do (non-food-related) that are truly fun for you. You probably enjoy the mall and theme parks. These places, if you avoid the food court and cotton candy stands, are lot of fun and provide a fantastic opportunity for a work out that doesn't really feel like one. If you live near a theme park, consider buying an annual pass (usually the cost of 2 to 3 trips there anyway). There are typically tons of workout opportunities, and it's in a safe environment. If you're a woman that doesn't feel comfortable walking a desolate park alone, you'll feel safer in a populated, well-secured theme park. The parks are typically huge as well so there's a lot of ground to cover. Some theme parks provide an area with tons of stairs. Simply walk up and down them a few times to get a great stair stepping work out.

If the theme park idea isn't for you, head to the local mall. Walk around the entire mall without stopping in any sorts, but carefully avoid the food court. The smells of temptation can throw one off track. Do this as many times as you want. You may want to bring along a pedometer and set a certain goal through that. If budget permits, you may want to allow yourself a small non-food treat for every walk around the mall completed.

Dance Party

Make a playlist of all your favorite songs that are fun and upbeat. Some fun choices include "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John or "Get Into the Groove" by Madonna. Mix it up. Pick your songs carefully because they should be ones that you enjoy and that will get you up and moving. Stretch like you would before a regular cardiovascular workout. Then set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how long you want to do the workout. Then dance! Choreograph your own moves. If you get stuck for a new move, don't stop. Simply do jumping jacks until you decide the next move. Remember that you lose weight by burning off more calories than you consume. Getting moving in this way can really go a long way to helping shed the pounds.

Buddy System

Although the buddy system often refers to safety, it can actually be a great tool to weight loss. Joining up with a friend who also wants to lose weight can be a big motivator to both of you to stay on track. With an effective success rate, it will certainly save a lot of money from hiring a personal trainer at the gym to keep you moving. Be supportive of one another, with finding ways to celebrate successes without using food.

Just having someone that truly understands to discuss failures and triumphs with can be a big help. Make sure to make exercise dates regularly, in order to keep on the weight loss track.

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