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Going to the Water Gym: 3 Workouts for Beginners

The main purpose of the Water Gym is to teach people how to utilize the properties of water so that they can turn it into an effective gym. A sports-based, enjoyable and water aerobics workout, the water gym will have you copying exercises and sports activities in the water without the damaging consequences of wearing or tearing all over your joints. A few examples of the kinds of activities you will be copying in the water are running, weight lifting, biking and even kick boxing. Water Gym has quite a few advantages going for it, namely the fact that it has been around for 20 years, and in those 20 years, it has been used by thousands of women and men to stay fit and healthy.

1. Water Walking

Water walking may not sound like much, but it has now officially entered the list of water aerobics routines that have been considered as effective workout programs. The instructions are simple enough: Simply walk from one end of the pool (the shallow end) to the other, but make sure that your feet touch the bottom of the pool with each step. Do not take shortcuts and cheat by just bouncing off of your toes with each underwater stride. You must also be sure to make cupped formations with your hands and have your arms swinging with each step you take. In the rare chance that you are struggling to keep your balance as you water-walk, just buy a pair of water aerobics shoes.

2. Dumbbell Exercises

Weightlifting must not be an exclusively land-based activity any longer if you have the Water Gym at your disposal. The material for your dumbbells will be foam, but you can use these dumbbells to perform water aerobics exercises in the pool. A popular dumbbell exercise is the bicep curl, where you just stand in the water with legs barely apart, your knees bent somewhat, and your elbows close to your torso. You must lift your dumbbells beneath the water by lifting them upwards toward your shoulder, making sure you really work your forearms. If you'd rather perform lateral exercises, you can achieve this, too. Simply lift the dumbbells beneath the water in a sideways fashion toward your shoulders, keeping your elbows bent somewhat.

3. Boxing

Boxing is an exercise you do underwater to build your upper body. Submerse yourself in shoulder-deep water and stand with legs barely apart. You don't need any special training here. Just imitate boxing movements underwater at this point. The development of your arms and upper body will come from the resistance you encounter from the water as you make the boxing motions. For the most effective type of workout in these conditions, box straight out from your body and across your body. Your waist will start twisting if you do this right, therefore also working your waist and toning it along with building your arms.

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