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Choosing a Weight Control Program: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right weight control program can be tough. You need to take a few things into consideration before deciding which program is right for you. The following tips will help you understand what a complete weight control program should include and how you can select the right one for yourself.

Experts suggest that a good weight control program must encourage healthy behavior. Healthy behavior implies eating the right food and taking part in physical activity regularly. Here are some important things a healthy weight control program should include.

Calorie Reduction

The weight control program must focus on reducing your calorie intake. However, ensure that it does not exclude any particular food or food group.

Daily Exercise

Your program should include a daily exercise schedule or physical activity. Healthy weight control programs will not focus on losing weight quickly. Instead, they promote a steady and slow weight loss of no more than 3 pounds in a week. Choose a program that offers gradual weight loss.

Weight Maintenance

Besides providing guidance on how to lose weight in the initial stages, a good program will also provide instructions on how to maintain your weight once you have lost it.

Some weight control programs will also advise medical care if you are planning to follow a special formula diet to lose weight.  Before you can settle for any program, ensure that you research it thoroughly.


Check whether the program offers group classes or individual counseling. Ask whether you would have to keep food records, follow a certain meal plan, or eat weight control foods. Knowing what the program consists of will also tell you if you should follow a specific exercise plan or physical activity. Based on this information, you would be able to decide whether the program suits your lifestyle and cultural requirements.


It is important to find out the total cost of the program. You should also pay attention to recurring costs like weekly attendance fees, etc. Ask if there would be any additional fees for medical tests.

Qualifications of the Doctor

Find out whether the doctor is qualified enough to provide you with a program. Check the type and the level of weight control training, education, experience and certification of the doctor and even the staff.

Typical Results of Participants

This is the most important part about choosing a weight control program. You must find out how much weight a participant loses on average, if you want to know the reliability of the program. Also, check if the participants have kept all the weight off or part of it off, and for how long.

The results you get from any weight control program will depend on your efforts. You must follow your diet and exercise schedule religiously to get the desired results.

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